Does anyone else have really thick coarse edges?

Livvydivvy96Livvydivvy96 Posts: 43Registered Users
My hair is 3c in the back. 4a/3c in the middle. And 3b on the top. An my edges are like 4b.. Its soooo weird and annoying. I can handle the 3c/4a/3b mixtures, but my edges just don't match the rest of my hair.
Is anyone elses hair like this?
What do u do? I'm considering relaxing my edges.


  • morganiemorganie Posts: 14Registered Users
    OMG my hair is exactly like that! Its 3b in the front, 3c in the middle and at my nape its a little tighter of a 3c but not really 4a! But qnyways I had the same prob but my ends were like really loose like curls, practically wavy so I just decided to cut them off and my curls are bouncier and not weighed down so much, b4 my cut it was a bit past bsl now its a my shoulder blades! My suggestion is for you to cut them off aswell because they may be damaged, as mine was. But whatever u dnt relax them they could just be the way your hair naturally! Sorry its long,.but I hoped I helped a little:) ill try to find b4 and after to show u!

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  • morganiemorganie Posts: 14Registered Users
    As u can see my ends are scraggly! Then they arent!

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  • Livvydivvy96Livvydivvy96 Posts: 43Registered Users
    Wait... So are your edges really tighter and coarse than the rest of your hair? Lol
  • morganiemorganie Posts: 14Registered Users
    No mine are looser but they were really coarse

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  • Velvet DreamerVelvet Dreamer Posts: 7Registered Users
    I do. It's really frustrating, because I just don't know how to take care of it, since the rest of my hair is more curly. I'm hoping that once it grows out {I have a TWA right now}, either the rest of my hair matches the more 4b texture, or it just starts to cover it. I'm too lazy to really do much with it; I just let it do what it does.
  • morganiemorganie Posts: 14Registered Users
    I think I read ur original post wrong lol I thought it said ends not edgess myb!

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  • briannamariebbriannamarieb Posts: 22Registered Users
    OMG yes mine are really annoying!...I have like 4b i think randomly throughout my hair. I tried to twist it together a little but that didn't work. If you look towards the top of my head its just poof no definition Photo22-1-1.jpg
  • KilajoKilajo Posts: 786Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    No, not really course if you mean the thickness of the individual strands. My hair is very fine. Just a lot of it. Lol. Most of it is the same, soft texture with smaller and larger curls throughout, but I have one spot, about 1" x 1" over my left eye in the front that's different from the rest. It is the only area with a tendency to frizz. Also it feels a little rough to the touch. But the size of the curls is no different from the rest. It's really bizarre.

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  • Curlyhope98Curlyhope98 Posts: 3Registered Users
    I have this problem too. What helped me so much was castor oil. My edges are soo much better now. :)
  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My edges are looser and silkier than the rest of my hair. Natural hair is so different from curly to curly. Love it!

    All I can say is just keep it moisturized and sealed. These ladies gave some very good suggestions! :)

    Jen :D

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  • Raina71Raina71 Posts: 58Registered Users
    I have 3b on the top, 3c on the sides, 4a on the side edges and is fine, and 3c in the back but a small part at the very back of the crown is very coarse and wavy... go figure.... I don't know what to do with is so I'm keeping it short on the side and back because I hate using gel... I have a very short twa. Tried growing it out but I'm looking crazy!!!!

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  • MuriMuri Posts: 12Registered Users
    For me, at least, it's because my hair is pretty long--shoulderblade-length when pulled--and my edges are from back when I was still experimenting and didn't protect it when sleeping, from wind, etc :mad: So I just put deep conditioner on 'em every time I get out of the shower, thicker oil and honey on them at night, and treat them very, very nicely. I can't make them as soft as the rest of my hair, but they look okay. Maybe when I reach my end goal I'll bite the bullet and get a trim, lol
  • YellowMellowYellowMellow Posts: 7Registered Users
    I use to have this problem! My hair is a 3c all around except in the middle of my hair it's like I have 3b mohawk! LOL all around my edges my hair was a 4a but i started wearing my hair in a ponytail almost everyday. I used a boar brush to get all my shorties into the ponytail and it seems like brushing my edges (and keeping them very moisturized - more so than the rest of my hair) everyday caused them to chill out? Now my edges are closer to 3b. They are so much silkier and just lay down I'd also like to mention my edges didn't lose any of their thickness :)
  • Raina71Raina71 Posts: 58Registered Users
    Wish my texture was more even throughout my head its going to get interesting when it gets longer... I'll work it out somehow... I'm glad I'm not alone in this situation

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  • Wild Curls Raquelle Wild Curls Raquelle Posts: 793Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have naturally coarse hair but the hair by temples and nape in particular are just the absolute coarsest (if that's even a word). It's noticeable in my wngs and requires extra attention when I wear my hair straight. My solution extra conditioner/ oil during DC/ pre-poo respectively. The other thing I like to do is slather on the shea. Regardless of how I'm wearing my hair I like to put the shea on my strands root to tip to lock in the moisture. I just continue to be nice to them in hopes that it will be nice to me.
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  • candy626candy626 Posts: 11Registered Users
    The first 3 to 4 inches of my hair starting from edges in the front is definitely coarser then the rest. The front is definitely more 4a, and then the middle and back is 3c. It seems to lay down much better then the front, which it makes it a pain in the ass to do updos or ponytail styles. I have to wear a headband in order to have my hair looked tamed. Brushing my edges sometimes make them look worse!
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  • Raina71Raina71 Posts: 58Registered Users
    Are you on YouTube? I would love to follow you...

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  • luvscurlzluvscurlz Posts: 109Registered Users
    Yes, I have this problem and it runs in my family. I have soft 3c hair but the edges around my hairline are course and a completely different texture then the rest of my hair. My entire family is like this and our hair textures range from wavy to kinky, fine and soft, but we all have this characteristic frizzy course hair that doesn't match the rest at the hairline.

    I'd prefer it was like the rest of my hair but it isn't so I just let it do what it does if my hair is down or use a heavy duty gel on that part if I'm slicking it back.

    In the past out of frustration I've considered relaxing my edges too but I'd never do that now because once that relaxed part grows out you're left with straight ends in that part of your hair that don't blend in with the rest of your curls. That would be much worse imo.
  • Raina71Raina71 Posts: 58Registered Users
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  • BoyheadBoyhead Posts: 51Registered Users
    I have at least 3 different textures. My nape is coarse and so are my sides. Everything else is about a 3c; 4a. Meh -- I don't find it to be a 'problem', it' just how my hair is and I just have to deal with it... guess that's the beauty of how unique our hair is!!:neutral:
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  • VersaceCrazyVersaceCrazy Posts: 662Registered Users
    I have this issue as well. I really used to relax my edges lol..but haven't in years. Even now it's kinda annoying. Mine are VERY dry and FRIZZZZY lol. The very front near my forehead is wiry.

    When I'm wearing it curly, CJ's Aloe fix gel works great at making it nice and smooth.

    When it's been flatironed I find myself touching the edges up with the iron after around the 4th day..making sure I add olive oil/heat protectant to the area.

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  • valcavevalcave Posts: 27Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Yep! Front edges are wiry and refuse to lay down when I pull my hair back without gel! Oh yes and are always shorter so they stick up. Didn't know faster oil would help but I have been putting it on my edges for couple weeks. Will let you know if it also helps me, in time.

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  • AdraMierAdraMier Posts: 108Registered Users
    Try to use old toothbrush with little gel to smooth the edges. I always do that when I wear the ponytail or updo.

    I can not guarantee that that it will work for everyone. Just give a hint. J
  • monipearlmonipearl Posts: 95Registered Users
    so glad to know i'm not alone! i always have to wear ponytails or a headband or tuck those strands behind the ears and pin or flat twist across.
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  • clunnclunn Posts: 1Registered Users
    I have the same issue SMH. My hair is 3c all over but the nape/front edges seems to be a 4a/4b. The only [healthy] way I've found that at least gets them to be defined instead of a frizzy kinky mess is to get them soaking wet, put on conditioner, a ton of oil and to finger smooth them. They actually come out better that way than with a brush! Still trying to figure out a method for when I don't want wet hair though.
  • bookgrdngirlbookgrdngirl Posts: 403Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My hair is coarse in general, but my new growth is very coarse! A lot of the pieces are extremely wiry (my hair in general is 'wiry') and hard to slick back. I have yet to find something that gives me enough hold to keep them back! My new growth at my nape is also very, very coarse and wiry. Like I said, I do have coarse hair so it's not completely surprising that my new growth is coarse as well... but the coarseness is really surprising! My hair is 3B/A with some 3C sprinkled in.

    I'm trying the CURLS gel control in hopes that it'll help me. :occasion9:
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  • MelonnaBananaMelonnaBanana Posts: 9Registered Users
    ok i thought i was the only person with this problem. my hair is mostly 3b with some 3c in the middle. But for some reason in the front st the new edges, not at the nape which is like a 3a for me, just in the front i swear my hair is pushing a 4. I always just slick like that first inch of hair down and let the rest of my hair run wild. i have yet to find just a product to keep that part from being frizzy and rough looking
  • CessaCessa Posts: 1Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    I'm really happy for you guys with at most 4b hair. My hair is 4c and very kinky. It's really almost useless as edges as I can't style them and they won't stay down. They are not much and I've got a guy's hairline that's been trimmed with a clipper. please any tips on how to develop some or soften the little I've got?
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