Wavy Bob

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I came across this link while recovering from shampooing my allergy dog (ie. taking some "hair time"):
It's such a pretty, simple wavy layered bob I had to share. Really screams "summer!" Too bad it's October...

This is a great one too - some of you gals have this wave pattern/hair type: My New Look: Hair Thursday


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    That is so cute!
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    This is a really really cute 'do!!! I personally think short hair is multi-seasonal :love4:
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    If only cute, short cuts like this looked good on me! All the wavy bobs make me jealous -- I have never cut my hair above shoulder length, because lots of people seem to like my long hair. This cut is just too cute, though. In case I ever DO go short, I will refer back to this pic. :)
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    SO cute! I once cut my hair based solely on Charlize Theron's hair, below (amazing, even though that is clearly done with a curling iron!) and it was a disaster. Granted, this was before my time with CG method. Nonetheless, the shorter my hair is, the less it curls. Is it like this for other wavies?


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    Mine hair *looks* wavier shorter - but only because the weight of the hair pulls the top straighter when it is quite long. Today my hair came out a lot like Charlize Theron's in the pic above, only not smooth on top like that. And more fuzzy. Fuzzy = cuddly, right?
    Everybody is different, though. That's why no one haircutting method works for everybody, I think. It takes a while to figure out what length and style works with your hair.