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Hello :) I haven't had a perm since 09 so when I did my b/c (07/14/11) it wasn't like I was cutting all my hair off my hair has growin since my b/c its like to my collar bone only problem I am having is that I still have perm in the front of my hair. It's not like I could cut the front off .. I'd be looking foolish. Does anyone know any protective styles I could do to the front of my hair? The reason why from the crown down to my hair is completely grown out is because I would have a sew-in at the back & leave the top half out. Also, I noticed that I definitely have a 4a hair type & I noticed that my hair drys extremely slow & when its dry is brittle and really hard to comb threw is there any products that I can use to make my hair softer & more manageable? I was using this conditioner called WEN & it would work as soon as I washed my hair .. an our later I'm looking in the mirror with a stale face -_____-.

If there's any advice on the protective styles & any products (of course at an adorable price) let me know please :)

Thank youu!

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    Here's an article we wrote about protective styles.

    And I wanted to be sure you've seen our product review area! You can search for whatever types of products you're looking for. :)

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    You are beautiful!
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    I think WEN has protein in it and too much protein for some hair types isn't always best. You need to look for products that have a moisture factor. Try some of the Shea Moisture line, Tresemme Naturals, using a leave in and then sealing your hair.

    Also, twist outs can blend your hair even the permed portion.
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