What hair do I have!?!?!?!

MissBroadwayMissBroadway Posts: 1Registered Users
Okay so the top part of my hair is like a 2b but then the next part is like a 2c and the very bottom part is like a 3a? What would this be classified as???? Please Help! :-I


  • CalamityMCalamityM Posts: 541Registered Users Curl Novice
    Maybe go by what the overall look is. If you post a pic it will help. My hair is a bit of a mish mash too. My hair is 3A if this helps. It's curlier on top but gets less and less curly as you move down the layers. The hair at the very bottom, especially the section at the back of my neck is almost totally straight. It's really weird. I have patches of different hair! My mom's hair is really curly and my father has dead straight hair, so I guess I'm a hybrid of the two!

    From what you're describing you're probably overall in the 2 category.
  • freshblissfreshbliss Posts: 2Registered Users
    You can definitely have more than one curl pattern. I think most people do. I have two to three myself and from reading a lot of forum topics most people will mention that. So i dont think you really have to try to narrow it down and choose one. Just embrace everything on your head and use products that work best for you!

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