Things I wish I could tell a Hairstylist about curly hair

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I just left a salon where I obviously knew more about curly hair than the stylist. And this was after tons of reviews on here, online, and in our city about how awesome this stylist is with curly hair. I don't know what curlies have gone here, but my hair did not come out looking all. :(

So, I have tried to talk to several "friends" who are stylists about curly hair, and I seem to get the same general shrug of the shoulder in a reaction to curls...Why do stylists act like curly hair is the same as straight hair?

The stylist tonight combed my freshly washed hair, with a tight tooth comb, and then proceeded to wonder why it didnt curl like it was when I walked in. I can tell the overall cut will be cute...but I expect if I'm going to pay money for a stylist, that I should walk out of the salon knowing that I can learn a lot about my hair, not coming out knowing I know more than they do about curly hair.

I'm sorry this is a crazy long vent - but I know curlies understand the frustration...

I'm realizing why I straightened my hair until I was 25....because hardly anyone knows what to do with curly hair.

And I know that the CG method is probably a little out there for some people, but if it works, you can't argue with results...especially when the supposedly better stuff looks gives you poodle like results.

I just wish the Deva trained stylist in this area did not have a 4-6 month waitlist....If the splits weren't so bad, I would have waited...even for $120.
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    I totally understand. I wish I could find a good stylist in my area too. I don't get a wet cut because it's more expensive, but like the first time I went in I had my hair curly and she attacked it with a brush. I was cringing inside the whole time. Of course my hair was a huge poof...but she continued to cut away. How could she even see what she was cutting? Now I just straighten it before I go in :(
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