I apologize in advance, but could you tell me what hair type I am?

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I've been experimenting with this new "lifestyle" for about a month (or less, however long I've been registered here), and I'm still learning, still figuring out what works for me and what's easiest or too complicated to even bother with. But it's really starting to drive me nuts that I don't really know what type of curl pattern I have. Before CG, there were 4 types of hair. Bone straight, wavy (like the sand in a lake), curly, and afro-curly. Now I'm learning it's not so black & white, and I'm learning more about my own hair. I've always heard it's "so thick" and "so curly," but now I suspect I'm maybe 2C/3A, and my hair is NOT thick. It's bordering on thin. For the most part, knowing what type of hair I have doesn't matter, but I like knowing FACTS, and I'd like to know which forums I should lean more towards, lol

In these pics, I had a great hair day, which was the first time I deep-conditioned, then washed my hair as usual and let it air dry, versus washing at night and plopping, then letting it dry the last couple of hours before work. The hair still wasn't perfect (I'm still playing around with gel amounts) but it was the first indications of what the finished product might look like. I always get frizz, but this time, frizz was pretty minimal. Not gone, but minimal. Also, bear in mind that this is ALL the hair. I brought the hair from the back to the front.

One thing I've noticed, but I don't know if every curly girl deals with it, is my curls love to wrap around other curls. Drives me nuts. Hair looks fine, and then I try to move most to behind my shoulder and all the locks try to follow suit because it's all like velcro, caught up on each other.
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    That's very lovely hair. If the curls like to wrap around each other, the Deva Cut sort of cut might help free them up, this did help mine.

    I think you are spot on with the 2c/3a guess, more 3a, it looks like loose very defined curls. Not sure about texture or thickness, that's harder to tell from a picture.

    Anyway, PRETTY hair.
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    I think you are a 3a. You have quite long hair and still it is very curly, I assume it would be/has been even curlier if/when it was short?
    You have beautiful hair!!
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    I agree with the other posters. Looks gorgeous 3A to me. :pl:
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