Sew In Weave Tracks? HELPP ! :(

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I'm a seventeen year old natural curly and have been all my life. I notice a lot of celebrities wear weaves and then when they take it out their natural hair is long and healthy. The winter is coming and I was considering getting a weave for about a month. Usually when you keep your hair in braids and keep it moisturized and cleaned, it grows so I was considering it. However, I need advice. Has anyone had experiences with this? Sometimes the weave can break your hair off? Are there any tips for growing out your hair? I take vitamins and I hardly get my hair flatironed .. I use natural shampoos as well and recently stopped eating fried foods and only healthy foods. HELPP !!


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    massage your scalp everydday, im really into herbs so i use quiet a few and since ive noticed quiet a bit of growth and baby hairs everywhere, i guess somthings working for me :)

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    I say go for it I'm transitioning so I'm in the process of growing out my permed hair I've been natural for 9 mnths now and haven't used heat in my hair in 4 mnths nor do I intend to use heat for at least 2 yrs. So I wear sew in weaves as a protective style. I haven't had any bad experience from the sew ins the thing is you have to treat it as you would treat your hair without then weave, wash it regularly, deep condition, protein treatments, moisturize whatever your regimen is DO NOT stop just because your wearing a weave do it as if the weave is your natural hair and you should be fine I love it because my hair is just braided and protected underneath the sew in soaking up all the moisture just chilling lol :-D but I can do curls or flatiron the weave hair all I want it's definitely my go to. I'm goin to try a growth challenge started last week until June 2012 to see how much growth I get from wearing sew ins only

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    Sew in weaves are what grew my hair from SL to BSL. Just don't let them braid your hair too tight.
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    Personally, sew in weaves never worked for me. I don't recommend them. The woman who braided and sewed my hair did some parts too tight and I ended up with a bald spot (that grew back fully now, thank God), and it constantly itched even though I took care of it. I mean, if you know FOR SURE that the person you want to do it is a good hairstyler then it is all up to you but if you're not sure, there's a good chance someone can mess up your real hair. And if the weave does get irritating like it did me, taking it out early equals a frustrating waste of time and money. I'd rather get a lacefront wig and apply it myself, that way I know I can just take it off when it's time to care for all of my hair strands and put it back on when I'm done. Honestly, when it comes to any and all hair that's not really yours, there's always a risk. Hope that helps you see both sides and good luck with whatever you end up getting! :)

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