My conditioner is disappearing!

Hi all,

I've been CG since July 2008 and have always Co-washed and conditioned with Original Source Mint & Tea Tree conditioner. About a year ago Superdrug stopped selling it, and now it's disappeared from Boots and Sainsburys too. Not good!

Anyone in the UK have any tips on a product that would be similar in price (have loved only spending £2 per bottle!) and effect? Failing that, can anyone point me to the 'CG products available in the UK' thread? I'm not having much luck trying to find it.

Thanks in advance :)
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  • MidisurfMidisurf Posts: 88Registered Users
    Boots do one, it's blue in a transparent bottle. Tressemme naturals silicone free is good too.
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    I like suave naturals coconut conditioner :)
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