Hello! Here for help with my 6YO's Mane

I'm trying to control the frizz on my 6 YO. It presents a unique challenge when dealing with kids. You can't realistically expect them to avoid all the activities that might "mess up their hair" nor can you expect them to get up extra early to style their hair from start/wet to finish every school morning.

Luckily, I just bought the Curly Girl book and just within 4 days I have learned about avoiding shampoo and using leave-in conditioner which has enabled her to actually wear her hair down instead of braids, ponytails or other pulled-back-do's the last few days.

Here is a picture taken after a full of day of playing without any touch-ups, but you get the idea of her true hair type here. She has lots of breakage on her crown from using too-tight rubber bands so we need to stop that.

Would you guys call her a 3a/3b?




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    I have a four year old with long hair (mid back)- not as curly as your daughters (which is VERY pretty - dig those curls!!).
    I started CG back in July...switched my daughter to it as well b/c she's curly - but more wavy than me.
    Her hair gets tangled into knots constantly every time I turn around - just from where she runs and plays and all that fun kid stuff.
    I can't wash it every day - gets too dry and I don't have time and she's not patient enough.
    So here is what I've done - and it's not 100% CG - but I can't have her hair tangled like crazy - I don't think tons of tangles is healthy either.
    I co-wash her hair just like mine and leave some condish in (more toward the ends of hers since it's more wavy than curly - whereas mine I leave a lot and all over).
    Then sometimes I put in a Frizz-Ease type serum. That keeps it tangle free better than anything - but yeah - it has some cones.
    Sometimes instead of that I use the plain old Alberto V05 stuff in the tube - you know - the stuff that's been around 50 years or so.
    The V05 doesn't keep it as tangle free as something with a cone - but does ok.
    With the Frizz-Ease or the V05 I have to go very light or she'll look greasy.
    About once a month I low-poo her hair to cut the 'cones.
    I use a diffuser to dry it now that it's starting to get cooler (when it's warm I just let it air dry). I dry it to about 75% dry.
    I use an old t-shirt to dry it instead of a towel.

    Sounds like you are on the right path - if you can condition the heck out of her hair to get it healthy again, go easy pulling it back, try drying it with an old t-shirt - you know - keep babying it like you already are she'll be years ahead of most of us!

    As far as tangles - you'll have to experiment to see what works for her hair. I caved in and use cones about every other week and my daughter's hair seems fine with it.
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    Welcome, 2girlztonacurlz!

    Your daughter's hair is beautiful! You might want to check our kids section for articles and advice about kids curly hair.

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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