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I had nearly board straight hair when I was younger but it was down to the bottom of my back so I think that weighed a lot of it out! And it was so thick! I did a huge chop to my chin when I was 11 and shocked when it dried that it was curly! And I have been off and on about my curly pair for years, a love hate thing. It was still really thick till about 4 years ago, I moved from home to college, diff city, diff type of water, and then found out I had hypothyroidism and insulin resistance 3 years ago and my hair had gotten really thin! Got my stuff all in balance but my hair is still thin!
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  • curlybrancurlybran Posts: 510Registered Users
    But I know I got my curly hair from my dad, no doubt about it!!!
    The 1st pic is my dad in his 20s and the 2nd is him now. Very thin straight hair and I'm so scared that is how my hair is going to be in a few years!!! My grandma was the same way, very thick hair when she was younger and very thin hair when she passed in august. I think I'm cursed!
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