Trouble with growing and cutting it right.

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I have been growing my hair from a buzzcut since last november. I have had it cut and or trimmed numerous of times, then i decided to let it grow out. Now it has reached the length of going right under my eye when the crown is stretched.

I m a guy and have a bigger forehead, which makes my face kind of a longer one. My hairstyle just doesn't reall flatter me and i have had lot of trouble getting it to "just lay right". I used a lot of beanies to tame the curl to cover my forehead a little bit.

Today after i woke up my sides were pretty flat because i slept on them(duh) but it looked really good, with having it flatter on the sides while the grown still had a bit of bonce to it.

Anyway, ultimately i want to grow a pixie afro kind of thing. with my hair going to my eyes when curly. and i guess in a half a year im there, but right now my hair looks like crap and i don't want to wear a beanie all the time to flatten them. So i was wondering i should trimm my sides down a bit to just make them shorter instead of having to sleep on them the right way, lol.

But i guess in a few months it will look weird when the rest has grown again, or will it?

I got like 3a in the back and and 3b-3cish on the crown and sides.

Would be cool to hear some suggestions or advice.


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