Iis it bologna that hair doesn't grow

ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
if the ends need trimming?

I can't tell if my hair seems stuck at a certain length because of the curl, or if all of a sudden, I have "terminal growth."

A stylist said it may be because I'm not trimming the ends enough.

Is there any way this is true? Does hair still grow despite split ends (which I can't see, anyway)?


  • LanishaLanisha Registered Users Posts: 467 Curl Neophyte
    Yes it does. What they mean to say is you're not able to retain the length you gain because your split ends are causing you breakage. If you're bald, and your hair grows six inches in a year, but two inches break off because of split ends, then you will be left with four inches of hair, even though you actually grew six inches of hair. It'll look like your hair isn't growing but really, it is.
  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    Okay, I understand.

    But, wouldn't I have to see breakage for it to happen?

    I feel like this is one of those things stylists say to convince us we need more frequent haircuts.

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