Products to protect my hair frm heat when i use a flat iron.

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I love to wear my hair straight, and when i first started straightening it every thing was fine, but after about three weeks i noticed that a lot of my hair was breaking off from the heat. Now my hair is shorter by about three inches and i cant seem to find a product that will protect hair from the heat. :cry: If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I'm willing to try just about anything.


  • kurlskurls Registered Users Posts: 843
    I like Aveda PureBrilliant Emollient - a lil goes a long way, and it keeps my hair frizz free, shiney, and has protected my hair THUS far when using my flat iron/curling irons.
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    I like to use "ion anti-frizz solutions heat protection straightening iron spray" from sally's. 5.99 reg/ 5.49 if member. I always air-dry my hair, except sometimes I decide to flat iron it after it dries. I like this product because it's applied on DRY hair, so I can use it whenever I want, as opposed to the paul mitchells I used before where I would have to decide after washing my hair whether I would be straightening it. It also has the benefit (for me) of not being volumizing.
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    kurls wrote:
    I like Aveda PureBrilliant Emollient - a lil goes a long way, and it keeps my hair frizz free, shiney, and has protected my hair THUS far when using my flat iron/curling irons.

    I like this product a lot too, but do you use it as a heat protectant also (meaning putting it on before you straighten?) I am also looking for something like that..t.
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    You can try Tigi Control Freak Serum; you can use it for straight and curly styling (is also CG friendly if you care).

    Another product is Garnier Furctis Smoothing Milk.

    Also it would be good to do DTs regulary to make sure your hair doesn't get dried out.
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    I really like the Ouidad Climate Control gel. It's very liquidy and easy to distribute, and protects the hair from heat and humidity.
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    I like to leave in a little coconut oil before I flat iron.
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  • GiveMeABMWGiveMeABMW Registered Users Posts: 219
    I really like using some o' this to protect against heat...

    And some of this to smooth the hair afterwards...

    But really any serum will do. Right now I use Citre Shine serum and it works just as well.
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    When using the Matrix products, are these the only 2 you use when straightening your hair?

    I've been using the Deva products for a year now and my curls are fabulous. Since I cut it shoulder length recently, I decided to blow dry it straight, figuring it wouldn't take too long.

    No doubt it looks better, but the ends are still a bit frizzy. I couldn't figure out if it's because I'm a 3B trying to go straight or if it's because I just used the gel I had -- [buylink=]Arc Angell[/buylink] -- instead of a straightening product.

    Are there any good CG friendly straightening gels out there?

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  • deezee02deezee02 Registered Users Posts: 1,509
    biosilk silk therapy, i have been using it for over 5 years now and still swear by it

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  • saucy.suziesaucy.suzie Registered Users Posts: 5
    Like Bailey 422, I really like Ouidad Climate Control gel. Not only does it protect my hair when I blow dry it straight, it leaves my hair soft and shiny.
  • quickcurlquickcurl Registered Users Posts: 1,310
    I just started ironing my hair, and I need to find something to protect and control the frizz. My hair is very dry to begin with, so the heat just frizzes it up even more.

    I'll have to look for some of these when I'm out today. Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Hey everybody thanks for all of your suggestions, i plan to try all of them @ some point or another until i find one that works best for me. You guys are great and i really appreciate it :P

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