Serious Damage?

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I'm afraid I know the answer to this question....

I decided I didn't want dark hair anymore (more specifically, I wanted to grow out the colored hair, and figured it'd be easier if it was closer to my actual hair color, a dark blonde/light brown color). So I bleached. Once. It turned orange. I used a toner on top of the orange to tone it down before coloring again (which turned it... lighter orange?). I then dyed with a medium ash blonde, with some anti-red stuff from Sallys in it.

Welp, I'm pretty sure I fried my hair. As you can probably guess (this process ocurred over two weeks?). It's frizzy, less curly, it just doesn't look good right now. I dt'd twice leading up to it, and so far twice afterwards with protein and moisture treatments.

Is there any way to minimize the look of the damage while I grow it out? Or do you think I should just cut it shorter (it's below shoulder length now) and just minimize the grow out time? I spent a lot of time growing out my hair, but not so it looks like this. Yuck.


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    Those Ion treatment packs help. Also Hask Placenta, but it may be gross (as in, placenta from what?).

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    Actually I just used the Ion protein treatment. It hasn't been doing much (well it looks okay from a distance - but the feel.................... and it frizzes out long before it dries, which looks just, bad. Like I put nothing in it - no gel or anything). And I refuse to use anything with the word 'placenta' in it.... sounds icky. I can't get over the thought of it.

    I've honestly been looking at pics of short hair I can live with. Sigh. Because I really loved my length, but then again, I totally hate the frizzy grossness.

    I'll try giving it a couple of weeks (maybe) if it doesn't get any better looking, I'll probably chop it off. Basically wait until my next paycheck, lol.
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    Try adding some heat to the Ion goop. Put a shower cap on and leave it for a few hours, if you can stand it.

    Also, maybe doing some "beach waves" i.e., loose braids, will make it seem like the texture is deliberate.

    I agree about the placenta.
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    Hokay, so I decided to try dt'ing overnight....

    It's better this morning, but I also put some in my leave-in too (I noticed my hair had extra hold with the dt in it... haha, so I put one and one together). It's like a looser-curl version of what I had before, which is livable (3a-3b instead of 3b-3c).

    I still need at least a trim though, my ends are kinda uneven now (probably breakage). Yay for no drastic cuts (not so yay for super-long hair color transitions)!

    Thanks ninja-dog, 'preciate the advice!
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    Sure --- I've been there. ;)
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    Well, I decided to go for a haircut yesterday.... and chopped about half my hair off! I love it (it *is* what I decided to ask for). The lady at the salon (Justine at Altimo Hair in Kingsway Mall, here in Edmonton) was fabulous with my hair. She knew what to do with it to reduce the bulk, and chop off the dead ends (which it needed, she said they *were* pretty ratty).

    Also, for some reason, when she straightened it, we both noticed that when I bleached the hair, it was REALLY even color. She thought a pro did it! (makes me randomly proud).

    Well, here's the result (sorry the pic is huge!!!). I'm probably going to go back to her for my trims - and she was definitely happy and comfortable with cutting curly hair - she could tell by looking at it how much it was going to curl when cut shorter, and between that and me piping up every so often (she listened whenever I said something, which was awesome), I got a wicked haircut.

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    Bleaching or stripping may result in some level of damage to the cuticle. Depending on a variety of factors, the potential damage can range from slight to severe. If you want to strip your hair, I recommend that you go to a salon to remove the black color from your hair. They have professional hair color removal products that they can use to remove the unwanted color and re-color your hair without causing severe damage. As for your other question, flat irons does not set hair color or make it harder to remove.
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    Under the circumstances, you were wise to have cut most of the damage off, and that new haircut looks great on you - gorgeous tight curls! Envy here from a mixed 2c-3a LOL! Anyhow, you mentioned doing PROTEIN packs - that's only half of the equation, as protein doesn't moisturize - it only fills in the microscopic areas that too much chemistry eats away at. Then, in order to complete your hair treatment and moisturize, you do a DT that's moisturizing, not protein as you've already done that. It should be done right after the protein treatment - otherwise the hair remains dry and frizzy. With the new haircut, leaving the color alone for a good while, and periodic treatment packs, your hair will return to health. My hair cutter recommended for me(although I didn't do anything drastic colorwise to my hair)to only use protein about 1 out of every 3 times that I do treatments which works well for me with my kind of color-treated hair. Personally, my hair needs more moisture than protein. For my protein treatment I use Sally's GVP knock-off of the Joico K-pak which is a classic(and much more expensive)protein treatment, and for my moisturizing DT, the L'Oreal Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme. This latter comes in a trial size if you don't want to buy the larger jars just yet. Great stuff! Hope this helps!
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    She actually only flat iron'd it because I felt like a change from my curls that day - haha. I just noticed when she did that my coloring job was really even, the roots aren't massively different in color. I never actually asked if it set the color? I never thought it did. Nor did I say I was still trying to remove the black - I already did. Hence why I have damage (though I cut most of it off, actually, what's left isn't that bad compared to the ends, which were f-r-i-e-d).

    And thanks for the tips on protein. I've so far been doing it about 1 in 4 or 5 times until I run out of the pack I bought (at this length, I don't need much to coat my hair, haha!). Then I'll probably stop and just use the moisture one I have, because honestly, my hair normally hates protein. I just wanted to fill in some of the holes I blew through it with a shot gun of bleach and color. Once I'm done the pack I have, I'll stop using it.

    And now I'm just playing the waiting game. Trims every 6 weeks until I no longer have color or it's long enough to chop off all the color. Then I'm never coloring again! I learned my lesson - after about ... 10 years of coloring?
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    Love the hair cut! You look fantastic! What gorgeous, tight curls.

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!