Hair Emergency

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I have 3b/c hair and I'm in desperate need of a REALLY good deep conditioner or oil or something lol :P I just had my hair cut, but my ends are feeling a bit rough. I have hard water, but I am using the cg method ^.^ I'll post pictures of my hair later, I don't have a good picture right now :D
3b 1/2, Fine, Porous.
Lower Back length w/ layers
CG off and on for 3 years
Cowash: AsIAm coconut co-wash
Condish:Organicals Deep Conditioning Creme(New HG :love5:)
Deep Condish: Organicals DCC, CJ Repair Me!
Leave-in: Organicals DCC, DB pumpkin seed, CJ smoothing lotion
Gel: Naturelle Volumax (summer love), Bioterra, CurlyKinks Coil Jam
Creams: DM Dream curling creme(HG), AG:Recoil, BeeMine curly butter, Organicals DCC
Other: Curl Keeper(HG), CJ CIAB(HG)


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    I like aubrey organic conditioners. You can make one. mix honey, oil (which ever you prefer, I like jojoba or evoo) and put in your hair. let set for at least 30 minutes. rinse out and wash and style as you usually would.

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