nexxus humectress conditioner???

hi all,

just read the book cg, b/c my hair - which i've always worn curly - has looked bad lately and i wanted to try to fix it up . . . today was my first day of 'shampooing' with conditioner, and i used nexxus humectress, b/c i have a lot of it around . . .

is this a good conditioner? if not, i have bumble and bumble leave-in as well . . . . and i'm using mousse instead of gel, because i have some around . . . just want to be sure that i'm using okay products . . . .

so, for my first day, i have to admit, my hair looks a bit yucky . . . i have the 'botticelli' type curls, but today they're pretty lanky, but do have less frizz than usual . . .

also, found it sad to see how many people grew up with a complex about curly hair when i read cg . . . i've always loved mine!


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    i use nexxus humectress and it works great for me :) so yeah, it's a good conditioner
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    I've used this conditioner on CG and it was fine, but it does contain mineral oil, which builds up on some people. So I would watch out for build-up if you keep using it.
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    The mineral oil in this coats my hair. It works well though if you don't build up easily.
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    Yeah, for me, it didn't seem that moisturizing and was gunky by day 2 (I'm assuming from the mineral oil...made sense to me too).
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    thanks so much for all the help! bummer, though, seems it might be what is weighing my hair down. . . . and i have a huge bottle of it! such a bummer to be wasteful - maybe i can give it to charity or something :)
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    Yea, I agree with some of the others. I liked it at first but it wasn't long before my hair started feeling weird and it didn't seem moisturizing enough anymore. Guess that mineral oil got to me.
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    It & the shampoo, Therrape or Therappe, were too heavy for my hair.