Day 5 of CG

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Today is my 5th day in, and the third time to wash my hair. I was a bit hurried this morning, as we are in choir at church and have to leave the house at 7:30am. I used V05 tangerine conditioner to wash my scalp, and some Herbal Essence conditioner to condition the length. The waves are amazing!

My hair looks and feels a bit greasy along my hairline and part, but I suspect that is because I wasn't as thorough with scrubbing the conditioner on my scalp. Either that or I didn't get it rinsed enough. I used Garnier Curl Shaping Spray Gel afterwards, and used a couple of old, soft tshirts to scrunch my hair and dry it as much as possible.

Anyway, I am VERY happy with the waves today! They're actually smaller, and there's more of them! So excited to see what happens as I get further along. :)


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    Yay! I'm glad the waves came out nicely :)

    Yeah, I just started CG (about 2 months ago). I went through about a week of terribly greasy hair because I've never had to REALLY wash my hair before! The sulfates always did it :)

    I usually wash until my fingertips are tingling and my head feels massaged. It takes at least 4 minutes. Rinsing everything out is super important too. I find that putting my head upside down under the water helps.

    Good luck!