Thin, Naturally Curly Hair Help!!

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Hey there! I'm new to this website and I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. :dontknow:
Anyways, I need some major help here. I've got really thin naturally curly hair but for a while I tried to fight my natural curl and straighten my hair. Then, I got a bob cut and I let my hair grow out and stopped straightening it. I had forgotten how thin my hair was and how frizzy it turned out when I didn't straighten it! I've used mousse and gel, but I think that weighs my hair down. I don't wash my hair every day (I think it's healthier but correct me if I'm wrong) and I don't use conditioner; I have leave-in conditioning spritz.
So basically I'm looking for help to help my hair get a little more volume with less frizz. In my profile picture, that's the best it's ever looked. I just wish there was a little more volume on top, but maybe it's because my hair is too long and the curls are being pulled down around the top of my head?
Also, would it look good if I grew it out really long, like Shakira's length on her Laundry Service album, or should I keep it shoulder length?
Any help would be appreciated!!


  • ilaeocilaeoc Posts: 8Registered Users
    Nobody can help me? There has to be someone who is suffering from the same issue! :sad2:
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    I have med-fine textured hair and probably med-low density. The longer my hair gets the flatter and thinner it looks. The only time I was able to attain long hair that looks voluminous was when I straightened. I used a med round brush and pulled up and out. It created volume at the root and waves on the ends.

    Since going natural I kept the same length and its looking thin. I can't use a lot of product because it weighs me down. I difuse to add more volume but if I dry all the way it creates frizz. I'm thinking of cutting it shoulder length.

    You have a bigger problem as you are fine and probably med to low density. A lot of product Will definitely weigh you down further.

    Try keeping your hair shoulder length and get some long layers and try difusing upside down. As for need to deep condition once a wk but try something that is moisture rich without heavy emollients.

    The leave in may not be enough. If that doesn't work try using a little of a light moisturizing rinse out conditioner as a leave in. Hth as I am also still struggling with frizz and flatness myself.

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    Ilaeoc, my hair has been thinning, especially in the back so I can relate to your problem. I know you want to keep your hair long, but the longer the curls, the more your hair gets weighted down and looks thinner.

    Here are some recommendations that may help.

    I agree with a lot of what Maycon said. Layering is critical! Keep your hair shorter and have good layers cut in.

    Try using some protein in a treatment or conditioner but don't leave it on too long and make sure to follow with a deeper conditioner, or leave a good conditioner on for longer.

    Try a very light curl creme and/or use just a little product. The more product you use, the more your curls will be weighed down. I use Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl Creme Lite (CCCL).

    Also, diffuse upside down. This definitely helps volume.

    So in summary, have layers cut in, try a little protein, use the barest minimum of product, and diffuse upside down.

    Hope that helps!
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  • ilaeocilaeoc Posts: 8Registered Users
    Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback. Definitely going to try some of those products and invest in a diffuser for my hair :smile:
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    As I've aged, my hair has thinned out because of thyroid and medication issues. I didn't answer before because I'd have to be blunt. IMHO, there's nothing pretty about long, skimpy hair. If it's shorter and has the right layering, it usually looks MUCH better.
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