thinning hair at front/crown

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First I thought it was mostly when my roots needed color, the silver new growth looked like my scalp. But, I had my roots done last week, and today it looked like my hair is thinning at the top/front. I am really bummed.


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    My hair has always been thin at the front/crown area and I would really like some ideas on stimulating hair growth.
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    try M.Gardson's treatment method's certainly the cheapest way
    because we should use pepper and mustard made my hair grow like crazy.
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    i'm experiencing the same thing right now. thin edges, hairline and crown. i attribute most of my problem to menopause. i've been trying so many things i think i may have made it worse by clogging my follicles. now i'm using groworks grow it serum and its slowed the shedding down considerably. i can even feel little hairs sprouting in places that were bald just a couple weeks ago. its still pretty thin, but at least i don't have excessive shedding, so that's a good start in my book. Groworks Grow It Root Serum 4 oz.: Beauty

    i get mine from riteaid or cvs for about $7.
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    I also see some thinning going on in the crown area which I attribute to both "bunning with gel" and genetics. My mom is 75 and most of her hair thinning is in her crown area. Hair seems thicker since stopping the use of gel and just pinning my hair up instead of bunning.

    Don't sleep on Hairveda Vatika Frosting for your hairline, it works. Keeping your scalp clean helps and I use bentonite clay to clean scalp and hair, as well as an oil blend (castor/almond/olive) to massage scalp with.
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