Help for a curly in CANADA!!!

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Hi everyone! I'm wanting to start the curly girl method today and I'm planning to out and get...

clarifying shampoo (for last shampoo to get out silicone build up)
conditioner to use as a cowash (VO5, coconut?)
a leave in conditioner without cones
and a styling gel without cones.

My problem is that most of the reviewed products are american and I doubt they are available in Canada. I also don't want to buy online as I don't want to use my credit card. Does anyone know of good cone free products available in Canada, B.C. specifically??? I am going to London Drugs most likely so ANY help would be amazing! I'm sooooo excited!!!!! :blob4:


  • cursedhair12cursedhair12 Posts: 12Registered Users
    Well I couldn't wait and headed out on my own. Heres what I found. London Drugs doesn't have VO5 or Sauve!!!! That's i went in planning to get...

    I had my 4 year old with me, but with some luck (and a very patient 4 year old) I found what I needed, here's what i bought...

    Garnier Fructis fortifying shampoo (no silicone, no paraben, no dye) this is for my last hairwash before going CG.

    TRESemme naturals silicone free conditioner

    L'Oreal eversleek sulphate free smoothing system, humidity defying leave in creme

    dippity-do extra hold gel-curl definition and frizz control

    None of these products have xanes or cones, so I feel like its a good start! yay! Good luck to other Canadian Curlies, let me know what your using!!!:thumright:
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    The Live Clean line (from Walmart, Superstore, or Shoppers Drug Mart - WalMart is cheapest, Shoppers has whole line) is all silicone/paraben/sulfate free. I love their free water line (?) and their gel is fabulous (it's their only gel, I've only found it at shoppers though walmart is supposed to stock it). Unfortunately, anywhere in Edmonton stopped stocking the gel so I had to switch.

    Garnier pure clean makes a line with no silicones or parabens. I've heard good things about their gel, though I'm using a bodyshop gel now (it's got a water soluble cone in it).

    But I do recommend the LiveClean line - it's really affordable too ($5-7 for all products) and they do have a clarifying shampoo.
  • curlyloxnvcurlyloxnv Posts: 130Registered Users
    I have found Aubrey Organics at several health food stores. And if you're in Vancouver, Whole Foods has Hugo, Giovanni (live 50:50 condish) and some other cg friendly lines. There's so a line made in vancouver at lots of health food stores called Curelle. Paul Curelle is a vancouverites and the products are super clean and cg friendly. I haven't tried them yet but I keep meaning to!

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    I live in Australia and have plenty options at the health food store, I also like using baby organic products they never have all those chemicals or anything and I can use them on my daughter too so I'm not buying expensive stuff online..

    I also use tresemme and gf triple nourishment conditioner and they are very nice, my hair seems to really like it and is cheap too..

    Good luck with going CG its helped my hair dramatically, I literally get no frizz anymore .. :D

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  • angel29ishangel29ish Posts: 800Registered Users
    I agree with the suggestions directing you to Health Food Stores. Most carry CG friendly hair products. Just check the labels. My favorite product from a Health food store is Desert Essence Coconut condish. Most carry other lines such as Giovanni, Aubrey Organics and Nature's Gate as an example. If you are looking for Suave, try a Safeway grocery store or Superstore. I use Tropical Coconut. There are very few drugstore products that I use, but I have tried Live Clean, Garnier Fructis, Renpure and Yes to Carrots and Cucumbers. It's interesting that you purchased Dippity Do. The green gel was a staple in my stash for years before I started CG!
    Now, having said this, I prefer many of the products that are available on line such as Curl Junkie (and other lines listed in my siggie). I purchase from American companies such as Aveyou, Curlmart and other Boutiques. Of course there will be shipping costs. In Canada you can purchase many of the popular products on-line from Honeyfig.
    Good luck and enjoy your curly journey!
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    Such great ideas, thank ladies. I'm a moron for not even thinking about health food stores...I live close to a Famous Foods so that will be my next stop on my curly journey. My curls are rather wild today, but I'm having so much fun with this! yay! :sunny:
  • curlyloxnvcurlyloxnv Posts: 130Registered Users
    So Canadian curlies if you're in the Vancouver area I have a TON of stuff that I keep meaning to put on the swap board. I can't do mail outs at the moment but if you can pick up from North Van, I have a lot of really good products that I have to clean out (CK, CJ etc). So keep an eye in the swap board or pm me if you're interested!

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  • possiblyshrinkingpossiblyshrinking Posts: 25Registered Users
    Kind of late- but I figured I might as well say so.

    Right, so, There's the Live Clean line, which has been mentioned- my favourite lines are the Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying line and the Fresh Water Moisturizing line- I like to use the shampoo from the ACV line, and the conditioner from the Moisturizing.

    But I also know that the shampoos from the Fresh Water, Clean air, Bali Oil and Green Earth lines work well- haven't tried the other conditioners, though. I've heard not-so-good stuff about their creams and leave-ins and the rest of the products, so be aware.

    Most Garnier products are CG friendly- I personally use their Pure Clean gel- it works pretty well, though it has a pretty strong citrus-y smell that goes away after a couple of minutes. It has good hold, too.

    I know the Organix products are sulfate, paraben and I'm 99% sure they're cone free, too. Youtibers rave about their coconut milk line, and their Keratin products are supposed to be amazing too- though not for everyone. I can't tell you from personal experience- I'm waiting out for my current products to run out before I buy some more.

    Hope I helped! :toothy9:
  • Aussie_DogAussie_Dog Posts: 27Registered Users
    I found the DevaCurl products at one of the hair salons at the mall about a week ago. Went in just to browse and see if I could spot any of the popular products I always hear about, when I turned around and saw the DevaCurl line. I don't know if it's widely available, but I was shocked to see it. Kind of pricey ($25 for the smaller bottle, $53 for the big whopper of a bottle), but I bought a small bottle of one of the conditioners. I'm planning to go back and get the bigger bottle, as well as one of the gels.

    I've also been using Joico which I've found in quite a few places. Pretty much every hair salon, a couple Walmarts, London Drugs, health food stores. Walmart has it cheapest at about $13, versus London Drugs' at $17 (everyone else has it higher). And I discovered Superstore even has Giovanni, but not in the shampoo aisle. Nope, I looked there and browsed, and eventually went down the holistic foods aisle and there it was! Along with a few other random holistic/organic things.
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    Suave is also available at Rexall and Urban Fare ...
    2b/3a in Vancouver, Canada
    loving my own homemade Satsuma scented agave spiked FSG
    faithful to Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Moisturizing Gelly
    also the combo of Satsuma scented AOMM and Biolage Gelée
    Desert Essences Coconut shampoo and conditioner

    Discount code:
    For $$$$ off at, use this linked code: DEY827

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