My hair no longer curls!

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Hello all!!

I just joined naturally curly and I am so glad there's a website that can educate us on how to care for our ringlets. Unfortunately, I have not been caring for my 3a curls as I should have. In fact, now my hair is a frizzy limp mess. I don't know if that makes any sense but what once use to be perfectly frizz free curls has now turned into limp lifeless straight hair strands. I only seem to have curls at the root of my hair and some on the back but the rest of my hair is straight and limp. For years i was able to wash my hair (with any type of shampoo) apply mouse and walk out the door. Once dry my hair would look like the picture below. If I got tired of my curliness i would straighten it and a week later wash and my hair would curl right up. However, about 2 years ago i went through a straight hair spell. I wanted to have straight hair all the time and so as soon as i would wash my hair i would straighten it again and again. I had also gone through that spell a couple years back and would straighten my hair every week. I thought I had resilient hair as it seemed unfazed by all the dying,heat, and generic shampoos.

I miss my hair so much and truthfully it makes me sad that i have turned into a walking mop. I havent tried the no poo CG method but i am planning to try it in hopes of recuperating my previous curly pattern.

I would also like to include that I have extremely dry brittle hair and it tangles sooo much at the ends. I also must use head and shoulders, otherwise it looks like it's snowed over my shoulders (sigh).

Does any one have any suggestions, success stories,or simply just going through the same situation?


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    :sad1: Hello helpless and welcome. First of all, your hair looks gorgeous in your pics. I sympathise with your disappearing curls dilemma. I think there are quite a few of us curlies here who have in the past beaten our poor curls into submission, thinking that they would instantly bounce back whenever we so wished. Unfortunately, with continued abuse, they 'rebel' and you lose the original curl pattern. All hope is not lost, however, and with some patience and TLC, you will hopefully get them back again. By all means, give the CG method a try. It doesn't suit every curly, but, speaking as a CGer myself, I have found that my curls are in much better condition than they were before.

    Hang on in there, and hopefully before you know it, your curls will be back to their best.

    Best wishes. :smile:
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    Thank you, Proudcurlygirly! I will most definitely try the CG method soon. I want to buy the right products before I start. I am still not quite sure what to purchase and I don't wish to buy any deep conditioners that weigh my hair down. I guess I will do some research before beginning this new method.

    You are so lucky to have healthy curls!

    Be well,

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    I just wanted to say I'm super jealous of your gorgeous hair!
    <3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
  • helplesshelpless Posts: 6Registered Users
    I hope my hair curls like that again one day!!! My hair doesn't look like that anymore but thank you!
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    This is the best place to get advice. Just do a search on your problem, something like help lost my curls and you will get pages of info to scan through. Sometimes I'm amazed when I follow the suggestions and get super great results. I'm sure you will be able to get your beautiful curls back after reading through the blogs. Good luck!:happy7:
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  • helplesshelpless Posts: 6Registered Users
    Thank you!
  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 10,840Moderators Curl Virtuoso
    Welcome, helpless! We're so glad you've joined us!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    Helpless, I feel your pain. I had badly damaged by corkscrew curls over the period of about 6 years due to one chemical straightening and daily flat iron abuse for a few years as well. My hair was not very curly and mostly looked stringy after all that. The middle of last year I started to treat my hair better but still could not get a curl pattern I liked so I continued straightening. This year I stopped with the flat iron (okay so I maybe slipped up a couple of times) and did a hair rescue that I got from Sally Beauty Supply. This is a 3 step treatment that you can apply to your hair. What it does to your hair to repair it I don't know but after I did a couple of those my hair started to curl better (I did have a few inches of damage cut out as well). It's not as curly as it was but it is definitely getting there and my hair is liking to form ringlets more and more lately. Try to be patient and find products that work for you. It may seem like it will take forever but with some perseverance the hair can come back. Hang in there and let us know if you see any results with anything that you try.
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    Thank you for your words. Up until now I've been washing my hair with conditioner only. I can't put mousse on my hair like before because it seems to weigh my ends down, so I just let it air dry. Would you mind sharing the name of the product you used? I've been tempted to purchase Living Proof's Restore shampoo. Has anyone tried this product yet?



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