Recipe for a light leave in conditioner

I hope you find this helpful
I found a recipe online and I modified it to a lighter version to suit my hair

2 spoon of raw Shea butter
1/2 spoon of cocoa butter
1/2 spoon of olive oil
1/2 spoon of coconut oil
2 spoon of aloe Vera gel
3 spoon of enhance herbal gel (extra hold)
Water 1/3 cup (it determine final thickness of mix)

The original recipe also had:
Jojoba oil, soy lecithin, drops of lavender and Rosemary oil (I didn't have them at that time so I just skipped this part)

• warm and mix (don't boil) the Shea, cocoa butter, olive and coconut oil,, mix very well
• add gel and water and mix it well (they have to be warm enough to blend together)
• let it cool in the freezer and mix it every 5 minutes for 2-3 times

My personal opinion:
• its surprisingly light
• good moisturizer to my hair, not heavy and not greasy
• though I doubled the amount of gel, it doesn't hold as strong as the gel alone (I have a well defined 3b curls so am fine with it)
• it smells like very light cocoa and coconut ( may be it will disappear if I added lavender oil)

And that's it,,
Tell me what do you think :)
Fia's hair typing: 2/M/ii
Henna Red


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