Aubrey condish that won't weigh down 3a hair?

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Hello all!
I need some help for my 3a hair! I love Aubrey products and I have read most of the Aubrey threads on this site, super helpful!

Aubrey products made my scalp stop flaking and my hair doesn't fall out anymore so I really want their products to work, and I will even sacrifice not having picture perfect hair as long as it is looking pretty good. I have quite healthy hair, thick, fine to medium-fine, I don't think it is porous (how can i tell?). I have not highlighted it in years and I don't blow-dry. East Indian heritage.

I started with Aubrey Island Naturals. Not bad. But then I went back to my Pureology Hydrate (yes, in a different city, maybe the water was hard?) and my hair looked GREAT. I think I was over-conditioning my hair (using coconut oil, and Lush R&B among other things).

Tried AOHSR conditioner and AOGPB shampoo. Terrible, flat mushy overly soft frizzy hair. AOSHR condish by itself was still terrible. The Island Naturals was better.

So I tried AOGPB shampoo and condish, no coconut oil, only Lush King of Mods styling cream. This combo was pretty good (the best so far) so I will stay with it now.

But my issue is my curls seem to get weighed down with these conditioners. Anyone tried the Blue Chamomile, or Swimmer's Condish or any of the lighter Aubrey products?

2b/3a, Fine-medium, iii (thick!)
Low porosity
Healthy hair :smile:
Modified CG since 2005, 'poo 1x/week
AOGPB/AOIN shampoo/condish
Lush RB or ev coconut oil leave-in.
Style with Lush King of Mods, AOB5?

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