Coconut cream or coconut milk and lime relaxer..

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Why are people saying this is a relaxer? It is more like a conditioner..

It does lossen their curl texture of your hair(for me it did and i'm 4b) but it isn't really a relaxer..

It is very moisturizing too (i didn't use coconut milk..but coconut cream which is really thick actually mixed with lime..then i kept in in fridge day put it on my hair, left it on my hair for about 3-4 hours..then i washed it and shampooed(Head and Shoulders) and my hair was REALLY soft and the curls were loose on my head..and as you know Head and Shoulders is not moisturizing on 4b's just a regular anti-dandruff shampoo...i didn't need conditioner..but i used it anyway because it's my routine.

Anyways this treatment doesn't straighten..but for me(at least with coconut cream) it is a REALLY GOOD conditioner.

Anyway what do you all think about this method? Have you used it? Are results different for you?


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    I've never tried it, but I wanted to ask about the conditioning benefits you received. Did it help you with detangling, or did it just make your hair soft? An all natural conditioner sounds great, but I'm really on a hunt to find something to help me with detangling. Also, how much coconut cream and lime did you use? Thanks!
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    @ Yltnelis

    It is great detangling for should try it because i heard it works for some people, and for some it doesn't

    I made a lot of it lol..thing is i bought a can of coconut cream at local grocery(in the cooking/oil/baking isle)

    thing have to experiment with it..

    You can google "Coconut milk and lime relaxer" and you can get exact way to do it..

    but i didn't use coconut milk..i used coconut cream in a can

    and the lime i bought was in a bottle..
    All i did was put a whole can of coconut cream in a blender(the can i bought was small(about the size of a can of tomato sauce) then mixed with about a teaspoon of lime(Not too much or it can dry your hair)
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    Thank you! I'm going to have to give this a try. I'm about at my wits end with one section of my hair that wants to tangle and mat up no matter what I do. It won't hurt for me to at least try it since nothing else seems to be working.
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    Whenever ppl see/hear the word "relaxer", they automatically think it means straight or straighten. It's such a common misconception. A relaxer "loosens" & "softens" the hair. Just google the definition. What makes a permanent, chemical relaxer to straighten your hair is the strength of the chemicals and process time.

    For this to be called a natural relaxer is not misleading. It's obviously been shown that it helps softens your hair texture.
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