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Dear curltalkers,

I'm Ashley and I'm 18 years old. At the beginning of the month Semptember I relaxed my hair. This was the first chemical treatment I had ever done. It burned, I had crusts on my scalp and when it was all done, blowdried and flat-ironed I looked into the mirror and.. hated it completely. The straight hair style didn't fit me at all (in my opinion). My mom and cousin loved it when they saw me coming out of the salon. I was more in a state of 'I'm about to cry'. I missed my long, kinky hair (I have/had type 4 hair) and the first few days I cried over the loss of my hair.
It's almost 6 weeks ago and I haven't done a touchup yet because I'm thinking about transitioning back.
The reason why I relaxed it in the first place was because I was desperately looking for something to define my curls or would make my curls bigger. Since I live in the Netherlands, I don't have as much options as you all do in the U.S.A. I was told numerous times this wasn't possible and I still wanted something different with my hair, having it in braids/twists/twistouts 18 years. My mom continueously pushed me into relaxing my hair (probably because she didn't want to braid it anymore), so I gave in. Unfortunately I still don't like it and I'm thinking about cutting it short and transition back. Do you guys think I should give it another try or transition back? (sorry for the long story)


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    If you don't like it straight, I wouldn't perm it again. I would transition if I were you. Only because perming your hair is NOT, I repeat, NOT make your hair any better. Its going to loosen your curls to the point where you might lose your curl pattern.

    It all depends on how you feel about your hair but if I were you I would go back natural. Your hair sounds like it's thick, long and lovely. Keep it that way!
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    I'm sorry you feel that way about your hair. In my opinion if you are unhappy I think you should transition back. If your mom doesn't want to braid your hair any longer you should learn how to do it yourself. I do my own hair. That way I'm not asking for help or paying people to do it continuously. Get a manikin and practice. By the time your hair grows back you'll be able to do your own hair.
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    I'm sorry this happened and I think you should transition again since you prefer your natural hair. I agree with what everyone has said so far. And I will add that youtube is a good resource for learning how to braid and twist, that's how I learned to do my own hair.

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