Iv'e straightend my hair for a while, but my curls i want them back..

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Im going to tell you all about my hair story from beginning to end. In short.

Okay my hair has been threw alot in the past 13 years (im almost 14 in december) Im african american & i honestly dont know what my hair type is. 3c? 4a? i dont know.

In SUMMERTIME i want to go natural give my hair a break to grow & i want to embrace my curls this upcoming summer.:toothy7:

but thats some time away. When i was younger ( i wish i took advantage of my long curly pretty hair) my mom always put it in plaits only on special occasions it was pressed out. in... 5th grade is when i began to straighten my hair. After a bad trip to the domicans my hair was not trimmed but cut! they dont know what a trimm is.... as some of you guys already know. my hair went from lower back to, well upper back.

I then went to a bad stylist for a long time... At the time i thought she was doing a good job.. sadly i just noticed my hair was getting worse & worse as the clock ticked ( time went on) Finally im just now taking charge of hair, going to hair cuttery & its growing back.Now my hair is at the bottom of my neck since that "stylist" cut it up to my upeer neck. Yes without my moms permission yes up there a 13 year olds.

So cutting to the chace my bangs are pin straight, thank god thats the only pieace of hair thats pin straight, because i know its reversable. Im alittle joyed knowing that.:blob7::angel10:
but for the rest my hair my curls depending on the shampoo & conditoner its usually wavy-ish. While im growing my hair out with heat styling( because im in middle school im not going natural till my hair grows back to my length so its pretty-er. dont say go natural not yet people will make fun of me)

How do i get my curls back. Especallly my bangs. I want my curls back, & i mean back. So when i go natural my hair will be beautiful in its curly state. Curl experts im 13 & i need your help. When i press it out how do i keep my curls? If i improve elascity will it help, how do i improve elascity? Im about to start taking biotin to help my stylist said it would will it?