flat ironed for years, wants to revive curls.

Im biracial with naturally curly hair and I have been trying to hide my curls for as long as I can remember. Everyone loved my curls, but it was different than all the girls with long pretty straight hair.. I flat ironed, relaxed, and blow dryed daily! I have had so many years of heat damage that I could barely see my curls through the frizz. Its taken a long time, but my hair is finally almost healthy, with little heat damage, however, I cannot find a way to work with the curls that remain and I continue to flat iron my hair. My natural hair is somewhere between 2c and 3a .. But its gone to a between a 1 and 2a after all of my damage.. I know that I will never have back what used to be but I need help styling and loving what I have now. When I get out of the shower, my hair is a beautiful 2 c, but after it dries, its frizzy and flat.. What can I do ? Somebody pleaseee help!


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    I know how u feel. I'm 15, and I've been straightening constantly for the past 6 years. I started to revive my curls around the beginning of July. And my hair has come back significantly. I'm naturally a 3c/3b/4a. And my hair was pretty much straight with tiny ripples. (I'll try and find a pic for you)
    Over the past couple of months I've been doing light protein treatments with eggs and bananas. And deep conditioning and doing acv rinses. And my hair looks ten times better. I'm gonna do an actual store bought protein treatment tomorrow, the aphogee two step one. And I'll try and show u some pictures tomorrow.(:
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    It CAN come back, as it grows out, if you keep from doing the same things to it. You're taking the correct steps, but after years of doing those things it's going to probably take more time. I think a protein treatment is a great step you can do to help especially if you follow with moisture. I did a primer on treatments here: that may help. Keep working hard and have patience though I know it's hard to do.
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    I am having a similar problem. 2 years ago I had very long, medium thick, 3a hair. It got really stringy though after I had my daughter (hormones I'm sure) so I chopped it all off...over 18 inches. The first mistake was allowing the stylist to use a straight razor and thinning shears for the cut. Since then, because it was so short, I have been using a flat iron almost every day. It is now to my shoulders and I'm trying to revive the curls. Been avoiding shampoo and doing CO wash only. I'm no longer straightening it either if I can help it. I have been wearing a ponytail a lot though at work.

    The odd part is the curls in the back of my head are coming back faster than the curls on the sides. I need a trim to get rid of damaged areas. Other than that, does anyone have any suggestions?