I want shrinkage!

MarcieaMarciea Posts: 148Registered Users
So many results when I search are how to avoid shrinkage in hair...but I want it!

What do you use to get your curls to shrink?
Low Poo: GTTT, TJ's Refresh

Rinse Out: LVP, TJ's Nourish, GFTN, 365, SSCC
Styling: HEBE,
Biotera Curl Cream/Gel, Marie Dean, EW SAJ, Pink Boots, Re:Coil, KCCC, CK


  • shainalashainala Posts: 125Registered Users
    That's the sure way to get shrinkage a great curl definition.
  • slivolaslivola Posts: 372Registered Users
    Air drying gives more shrinkage verses diffusing.

    Products I use that really boost curl and result in shrinkage if I use too much are by aveda- their damage remedy daily hair repair leave in boosts curl and so does their be curly style prep. I use these products for curl boost but then combine them with others when I want fullness and less shrinkage.
    3a (
    with 3b)
    Fine texture/Normal porosity/Medium density
    Low Poo
    (Aveda's damage remedy); Styling: Aveda's: Color Conserve Daily leave in+ Be Curly Style Prep+ Phomollient (mixed w/ Defining Whip)
    Finishing: Aveda's Texturizing Creme or Defining Whip; Eufora Pure Polish Drops
    Aveda's Madder Root condish+Clove condish

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