Tips for 2c hair that's thick, thick, thick!

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Hello! My name is Lucy and I am new to NC! :) My hair type is 2c, "wavy whirly" (lol I love that name) and it is so hard to manage because of how thick it is! For the past 6 years about, I have just been brushing it out and putting in a ponytail every single day, but now I am trying to get it healthier and start wearing it down. Right now it's a few inches below my shoulders.

My ponytail measures 4.5 inches around (4 inches is classified as thick). When I put my hair in pigtails, each one was 3.5 inches around, which means that half of my hair is almost enough to qualify as thick on it own... O.O Also, the hair isn't evenly spread out as I would have expected it to be. I divided it in half horizontally like at eyebrow level and the top half was 4 inches around and the bottom was 2.5 inches... I don't know if that's normal or not, but as you could imagine, the top layer of my hair is ridiculously puffy.

My hair is so big that I can't even wear it down. I hate it so much!! I can't even straighten it because it's even puffy and triangular when it's straight! (Well, I might not have straightened it very well anyway since I don't have much experience- I've only tried it like 3 times in my life...) I don't know what to do with it! I see a lot of people with 2c hair that looks soo beautiful, but I've never seen anyone with hair as thick mine and I don't think mine will ever be able to look good because of how huge it is! :(

Does anyone else have hair like this? What do you do with it? Helllp!


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    ooh, Deva Cut! When you say 2c, you mean wavy/curly, yes? My hair isn't that thick anymore, but is still over 4in pony, and Tiffany cuts my hair; she has a way of lightening it up so it still LOOKS like the same amount of hair, but dries faster, is lighter, curls better, chunks separate out.

    In the meantime:

    Plenty Gel into Very Wet Hair, you can section and apply and comb through, just make sure your hair stays Very Wet.

    Then scrunch out water with your hands
    Then scrunch the hair with a t-shirt

    Let it air dry, don't touch it.

    Once it's ALL THE WAY DRY you can twist it if it's crunchy to decrunch it.

    This sort of process (squeezing in curls and not combing it ever when dry) really reduces frizz and puff for me.
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    Ooh do I feel your pain! Your hair sounds EXACTLY like mine. When I was little, I had waves and a few ringlets and my hair was very silky, and then suddenly, I hit puberty, and BAM. I have hair that's straight with a few flips, lots of frizz, extraordinarily poofy, and is super rough and unpleasant. I hated it for the longest time, and had no idea what to do. But CG definitely saved me -- it's wonderful! I went from hair that I hated and straightened every day to hair that has big loopy whurls that I'm proud of. :blob4:

    My biggest suggestion -- this is the most important one. Get a REALLY good hair cut. Sure, it might be expensive, but after you get your first good hair cut you can go to cheaper places and just ask them for a trim. :) I suggest a Deva Cut since it worked wonders on my hair, but you can go just about anywhere that's good with curly hair. You want some layers to help de-bulk the hair -- but whatever you do, do not let them thin your hair! Thinning and Razoring are awful for curly hair.

    The next big thing: moisture!! If your hair really is anything like mine, you need to get LOTS of moisture in it. You can try Co-Washing (replacing your shampoo with a lighter conditioner, like Yes to Carrots) or Low-Pooing (using sulfate-free shampoo, like Renpure Organics) ... which I reaaally suggest. It will help your hair out so much. :) Also, if you haven't already, definitely cut silicones out of your hair routine entirely for now. Find a good rinse-out conditioner that is free of 'cones and will moisturize your hair; I suggest Garnier Fructis Sleek N Shine... it's very slippy, very very moisturizing and my hair just drinks it up lol.

    You also want to find a good styling products. Most wavies are fans of strong-holding gels. because they help shape our waves and keep them in place. At the moment I like Garnier Fructis Pure Clean, but definitely do some experimenting and see what works for you :)

    Whew, sorry, I talk a lot! But basically -- don't worry, girl. Your hair is beautiful and there IS a way to make that beauty shine! Don't give up on your hair. ♥
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