Do you Grow or Show?

ShondadiniShondadini Registered Users Posts: 205
On Tuesday I got my hair straighten for the first time in 7 months. I'm in love with it and very happy with my fullness and length. But on the flip side I'm so obsessed with length retention that one of the first things I did was pin it up. I used to think I wanted my hair to grow out so I could rock it. But looking at my actions I'd much rather my hair be away from damage then out for the world to see. So do you grow or show?


  • JoliePoetiqueJoliePoetique Registered Users Posts: 178
    I just enjoy my hair. I am aiming for waist length, but I wore WNGs when I had the urge, twist outs, and 4 months ago I was a flat ironing queen. Now that I've let go of heat for a long while, I do a lot of twists. I will probably pin up when I start wearing wool for winter.
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  • naturalnewbnaturalnewb Registered Users Posts: 193
    I show. I haven't straightened my hair in about a year and a half, but I rock twistouts/braidouts about 90% of the time because they show off more length than my wash and gos. However, I know that winters get pretty harsh in my area so I plan to convert to more of a "grower" over the next few months. Nothing too fancy--probably just a lot of buns.


  • itsKelCeeEeeitsKelCeeEee Registered Users Posts: 1,084 Curl Neophyte
    Both. I wear my hair out mostly and it still grows, so I'm good. I do think I'll experiment more with PS though.
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  • ShondadiniShondadini Registered Users Posts: 205
    I ps 98% of the time. I'm always in braided styles or in buns. Lol I think I get to finger happy when my hair is down
  • bbunnycurliesbbunnycurlies Registered Users Posts: 40
    I show my real pretty curlies!! Straightening is a once every 2 month kind of thing. I would be really careful cuz you don't want to ruin curls!! It's up to you though :)
  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Registered Users Posts: 1,354 Curl Neophyte
    i love showing off my curls! now that im finally proud of em, and happy enough to show! though in a few days im going back to the heat, here it doesnt get over 10, n where im going will be over 30, so i think ill be doing messy buns, to keep it off my neck.

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  • ShondadiniShondadini Registered Users Posts: 205
    I think the cold here plays a huge part and y I like covering my hair. It's sooo dry so now I have a 3/4 wig on until I get my sew in in a week. I know that once may hits I'm gonna wanna c my curls :)))
  • NYCgirlNYCgirl Registered Users Posts: 236 Curl Neophyte
    I definitely "show!".
    The last time I saw my hair straight was in January of this year. I wore braidouts and an occasional twistout (cause I was just getting the hang of twisting my hair) until the weather got warm and then I rocked WnGs all summer. Now with the cold weather back in effect, I am wearing twistouts. I don't really PS unless you consider styling my twistout in a giant "Pebbles Flintstone" puff on the top of my hair; that's pretty much the extent of PS for me.
    On a daily basis, I make sure my hair is moisturized and sealed, so I'm not worried about the elements and don't feel my grown has otherwise been affected by always wearing my hair out.
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  • RusycurlyRusycurly Registered Users Posts: 717
    I grow. I almost exclusively keep my hair in buns or Dutch braids. I love showing my hair but hardly do it
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    Let's hear it for beautiful curls!!!

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