Washing out Coppola Treatment before 72 hours

I got a Coppola Keratin treatment last night and I can't stand the way my hair feels right now.

I think the stylist applied a little too much product as my hair feels very waxy and doesn't move at all.

I'm not supposed to wash it until Saturday afternoon but honestly don't think I can make it.

Will all the effects be wasted if I wash it out tomorrow morning (roughly 36 hours later)? Or will there still be some effects, but just diminished?


  • youngpk223youngpk223 Registered Users Posts: 1
    The waxy or wet or heavy feeling happens when you get a keratin treatment, it's totally normal. If you do wash out right away, most likely all the benefits, or most of the benefits from the treatment won't stick.

    I knew I wouldn't be able to wait to wash mine, so I actually found a product that I was able to wash out right away, it's called Zelo. I think their website is zelocare.com. I was very happy with how my hair turned out, and the price was amazing, you should check it out for your next treatment or even right now if you just can't stand how the Coppola treatment feels.
  • PJsMomPJsMom Registered Users Posts: 173
    it's going to have that feeling during the 72 hrs., it can't be avoided, it's hard to wait it out, but once you wash it, you will enjoy the results. I use a dry shampoo during those 72 hrs., to help with the feeling of my hair during that time, my results have not been affected by doing that.

    BC - 25 July 2006

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