Advice needed for dealing w/ diff textures

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I've been transitioning since June of this year and I think I need to big chop. Only problem is that my new growth varies in texture. It varies so much that I don't know if I should big chop. I have almost three different textures of hair with in my new growth. The front of my head to about the middle is type 4a/4b the middle is more coarse with tight curls, like a 4c and the back is like a 3c. Its the strangest thing! The back is soft silky and almost doesn't curl up when wet. My relaxed ends are causing breakage and I want to big chop for the sake of my hair. If you have any advice please let me know...


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    I don't think you can do anything about that...I have two different textures and I hate it but it is what it could be heat damage if one side IS like not curling..if you decide to cut...try doing the two stand twist to make all your hair look the same way...I do it at least once or twice a week

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    My hair is the same way! U can't change it! Love it 4 the way it is and learn how to maintain it! If your relaxed ends are causing damage then go ahead n Chop gurl!
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    Honestly... Id say take the plunge and then doo an inventory.. for me alot of my curls couldnt be detected untill ALLLL the permed ends were gone.. and then for a few weeks your hair is like.. free.. and goes through a little phase... I was super confused too but once I did it I could better learn different styles...

    The very top of my head is a loose wave and curl patch while the sides and back and a about a 1/4 inch edge swatch in the front (of the loose waves mind you) are a tight corkscrew... its irritating at times but it just made me have to get that much creative with stles.. to the point a girl was like I wish I had your hair.. I gave her the ULTIMATE sideye....gotta love what you got cause thats IT lol
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