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Hello curlies/wavies!

I'm having a bit of problem here. Everytime I wash my hair, I notice that I've been shedding a lot of hair (no breakage though). It's disgusting and frustrating.

Also, I wanted to know if anyone faces this problem: After shampooing my hair with Biotique Sea Kelp, and wash the suds off, I always like to finnger-rinse it further to make sure there's no product build-up. I can't go "through" my hair from roots-upwards if you get my idea. It gets so heavy and matted (not tangled, but I can't lift up the hair from the roots without it hurting).

Why does this happen? I just have to settle for rinsing in a downward fashion onto my scalp and can't run my fingers in an upward manner.

Is this whole shedding-shampoo-heavyhair process inter-related?

And I'm also having a bit of white hair problem - they're beginning to turn up at the roots. :(

Help please?

My hair is a little porous, medium density and fine textured, if that helps. I'm using the Biotique Sea Kelp shampoo and Rainforest Moisture Condish from The Body Shop.

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