Lost without advice

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Ok do the ppl at sallys not have any idea about the products they sell?

I was told to strip the color from my hair since I had black dye on it ,i did and then was advised how to chose a next color I chose a med red shade of dye to use but my hair came out like hot neon red lava with orange spots lol.

After asking the manager how to fix it and even it out, she says put on the same or another color to the lengths with a 20 developer and add it to my roots the last ten min.

Im confused and on a budget!


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    I'm sorry this happened to you.the people at sally's aren't licensed hair beauticians. They probably don't really know much about different products and techniques except for the instructions that come on the box. I'm sure someone on here has the answer to your question, it seems that they always do. What color are you trying to achieve?
  • curlykristxcurlykristx Posts: 445Registered Users
    Well my original goal was a medium reddish color called magenta. I really just want to know how I can color over this so my color is even and not have my roots so much brighter.
  • curlykristxcurlykristx Posts: 445Registered Users
    Ok so ive searched online and youtube but still no clue what I can do so I think I may jus buy a box dye and go dark again.