conditioning cleanser vs sulfate free cleanser questions

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Hi, I'm new to this site and am considering going CG.
I have 2c hair,thick in density,low porosity as far as I can
I bought Hair one,which is close to Wen from what I"ve read...I LOVE what it did for my hair! I did not need a conditioner or any styling products at all afterwards(though I did use a squirt of the hair one on the lower half of my hair after towel drying it...the only prob is that Hair one and Wen have menthol in it(why???)and my scalp feels irritated/burning...
Can someone please explain the reason/uses for conditioner wash vs conditioningcleanser vs sulfate free cleansers ? i'm confused.
With co wash,you use a light conditioner like suave naturals coconut,then a heavy rinse out conditioner,then your styling products right?
If you use a conditioning cleanser,you don't need a conditioner after that?
If you use a sulfate free cleanser,you then have to use a heavierconditioner afterwards while in the shower?
How do i know which product is which?
ILOVE what Hair one did to my hair,but I can't handle the what would be comparable to Hair one/wen that does not have menthol,peppermint etc that I could use and then not need any additional conditioners...
sorry for all the questions...just trying to figure all this out!!
Going shopping tomorrow so hopefully i can get some help before then :)


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    I have been co-washing with DevaCurl One Condition for the last 3 weeks and I have really loved what it's doing for my hair! It's been my "one stop shop" and has worked really well.

    I co-wash just my scalp with OC, then rinse it all out, then apply about a palmful of OC combing it through my hair and scrunching the ends. Let that sit through my shower then gently rinse that out. Then I put a small amount (a tsp) of OC from about the middle of my hair to the ends as a leave-in.
    CG since September 2011

    Type: 2c/3a
    Texture: medium-ish
    Porosity: normal to low
    Density: THICK!

    Co-wash: OC
    Cond/Leave-in: OC
    Style: MOP Curl Defining Cream, Angel, Garnier Pure Clean Gel
    SOTC: MOP Glisten pomade, Aveda Humectant Pomade

    Looking for: good curl definition, clumping and no frizz
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    thanks debbah!
    My only concern with the deva line is the shampoo has balm mint in it...and i tend to have scalp problems with peppermint,menthol...mints in general so I'm a little scared to spend the $$ and have the problem....

    I'm trying to find a shampoo that won't dry my hair but won't weigh it down or irritate my not
    have any ingredients(shampoo or conditioner)that is
    going to break my face out(from my face being "exposed" to it)...i found shea moisture coconut cleansing shampoo at walgreens but it has coconut oil in it and i think that can cause acne so i'm scared to try it.
    anyone have any suggestions/experiences to share??
  • LahomajayneLahomajayne Registered Users Posts: 127
    Coconut oil should not aggravate acne, it actually has some antibacterial/antifungal action from what I have read. Coconut oil is actually really good for hair as it is a small enough molecule to penetrate into your hair instead of just sitting on the outside weighing hair down. I would be more scared of the 'cones in the Hair One than of coconut oil in products :)
    Super wavy and wurly curly! Fiii,fairly non-porous, inelastic
    Colorado Curly - low dew points & low humidity!
    Organix Cherry Ginseng and DevaCurl low poo/condish
    KCKT leave in, Naturelle Gel
    Joimist or Aussie Sprunch Spray
    I have KLINGON HAIR :D

    My hair likes IAgirls PT!
    I have celiac disease - no wheat please!
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    I tried the one from Sally and found the same problem. I only use As I Am cowash and absoulutely love it! It's the best for my hair. I use the Cleansing Pudding and the Clarifying shampoo from that line too.

    You can also try Curl Junkie Cleansing Conditioner which is a close second. I didn't care for Deva Care and never tried Wen because of the price and since I didn't like the knockoff brand didn't want to spend that much.

    As I Am really cleanses my hair and doesn't give me an itchy scalp. Of course about once a week I use the clarifying shampoo in that line. Try As I Am; it's economical and the products are great.
  • matildagagematildagage Registered Users Posts: 9 Curl Neophyte
    I am using the L'Oreal sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It's working well.
  • IAgalIAgal Registered Users Posts: 139
    Thanks for the suggestions...i will look into Loreal and As I am...can you only get As I am online? I've washed my hair twice now with One 'n Only Moisture repair Argan oil shampoo from Sally's . The first time i LOVED it! I made my hair soft,wavy and absolutely NO FRIZZ..also didn't need conditioner or any styling products.I thought I"d found THE shampoo...but when I washed today,it seemed a lot dryer afterwards and my top "canopy" was frizzy...have NO CLUE what went wrong?! any ideas? It is sulfate free,has no cones but has argan oil.... if I continue to use this product,do I need to use a sulfate shampoo to clarify? thanks! Sorry for more questions!!
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    I have between 3a and 3b hair. My hair is blonde with highlights and is very thin and frizzy. The curl pattern is corkscrews but I can blow dry it relatively straight but this just destroys my hair. That is why I went natural. I am also in my late 50's and menopause tends to dry hair out as well.

    As I said, I love the As I Am cowash, but I have to use either the pudding or the clarifying shampoo once a week or my hair gets flat. I have to use the pudding sparingly as it does dry my hair out if I use too much, and I have to condition after I use it or the clarifying shampoo. I like the clarifying shampoo better as it is milder on my hair. My hair is really dry almost year-round but on rainy days it looks really good with great curls. As I Am claims to help with hair growth and I have been using these products since June and I believe my hair is healthier.

    If you like something that foams you might try Jessicurl conditioning cleansing cream. It is good and very mild. I can't use shampoos with oil in them for some reason; they tend to make my hair look greasy and frizzy after a while. I used to straighten and blow dry my hair. It took me at least an hour and the minute I went outside I had straight frizz instead of curly frizz. I have tried a lot of products. I guess it's just wait and see. I still can't tell if my hair is protein sensitive etc. and I have been doing this since 2007. I just try them and use what I like. I am a real product junkie; ask my husband. Also, try the Curl Junkie cleansing conditioner. That is good too. Hope this helps.

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