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I have been Sulfate free for about 6 years and Shampoo free for about 4. My question is that now I want to go silicone free too. I have been using pantene for years and really like it but I heard that its not healthy to use often and will dull hair because of the silicones (I do have dull hair :-() I've bought new silicone free conditioner (Generic's Biolage Conditioning Balm) but I don't know if I need to shampoo to get out the leftover silicone. I really really don't want to. Shampoo makes my hair and scalp gross. Can I use apple cider vineger? will it clear out the silicones? will it eventually just come out on its own when I stop using pantene? Note: I don't want to cut anything because I'm growing hair out out.

P.S. does anyone know a cheap silicone free conditioner for CO wash? The Suave I use does have


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    yes you will need to a final wash of some sort, if you have bad build up you might have to do it twice to make sure you have everything out. if you dont want to use shampoo, use bicarb soda and do a ACV rinse after. that will get rid of all those nasty cones with out stripping your hair. as fro the conditioner, ive heard that rain forest hair microsite from the body shop is really good. it has no cones or sulfates. i havent tried it yet, but when ive finished this conditioner im planning on trying it out then

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    I'm gonna try the baking soda. Do you make a paste of it with water and then rub in? I wonder if the vinegar will react with it when I rinse. That would be really cool :)
    I looked for that conditioner that you mentioned online and can't seem to find it. Also is it super cheap like suave? I need it for co-wash. Don't want to waste good conditioner since I'm anyway rinsing out.

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