Help!Need New Stylist in Westchester County,NY!! To Deva or not?

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Hello all!

I am new to this site and was hoping someone in the Westchester County, NY area could help me. (I live in Lower Westchester.) I have been going to the same stylist for years at a little salon/spa down the street and have been comfortable with that. More recently though, I feel my curls aren't being cut all that well and the coloring isn't all that great either. I need to find a stylist who gets curly hair!

I have looked into the Deva salon in White Plains but it seems awfully pricey and I would only be able to go for a junior stylist. I also have read some girls dont like the unevenness in the style that looks awful straight. I wear my hair mostly curly but there are occasions and some weekends when I like to straighten it so I'm not sure that would work for me.

Has anyone been to the Devachan in White Plains who could talk about their stylist/experience? Does anyone have a great stylist at any other salon in mid to lower westchester who could share some info with me? Thanks so much in advance!