I will be selling Spiral Solutions (new) on Swap Board

Just in case anyone is interested, back in June I bought one or two of every product by Spiral Solutions. I still have the sealed containers of all the products (I used the Curl Enhancing Gel once, very small amount.) I am pricing these items to sell. I just want to get them out of my bathroom.

Long story short-I cut off all my long curly hair and now it is short and straight like Emma Watson's (or Mia Farrow's in "Rosemary's Baby.) I cut off all my hair due to excessive hair loss. I needed to get a style that would dry quickly and help make my hair look thicker. I intend to keep my hair this short. I have received many compliments on it.

I am sorry it took me so long to find naturallycurly.com, that it was so late in my phase of wearing long curly hair. It was nice meeting all of you. As I said, I will be listing the products on the Swap Board this weekend. I hope some of you are interested. Take care.
Armpit length (dry), middle of back wet, 2c/3a, fine, porous, color-over-gray, normal elasticity. Trying so hard to grow it out.
CG since June 2011 and loving it so far.
Product Junkie-love anything CJ. Used to love KT and KCCC, but lately doing nothing for my hair but flattening it.
Am experimenting with products to see what works for me. Seems like I get different results every day even if I use the same products!


  • wavyonewavyone Posts: 219Registered Users
    I am interested if you want to PM me! :smurf:
    2a or b, highlighted, fine hair but lots of it
    Modified CG since 6/11

    Low Poo: CJ Daily Fix
    Co-Wash: DevaCurl No Poo
    Rinse Out: CJ Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner or Deva One C
    DT: CJ Rehab
    Stylers: Deva Heaven in Hair as a Leave-in, followed by Arc Angel

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