Dang Birth Control!

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Hello everyone! So I just quit birth control 2 months ago because it was having bad side effects on my mood and because of hair thinning. I read that when you go off birth control it can cause your hair to shed a lot before the hormones balance out so I was kind of apprehensive/scared to go off of it but I knew I had to. So it's been 2 months and as predicted my hair is falling out like crazy!!! I feel literally like I have no hair anymore especially when its wet! I think I'm experiencing telogen effluvium or whatever its called. When my hair is dry it isn't so bad, but I literally cry every time I wet my hair to wash it in the shower. I've read lots of different things and different time periods as to when this will resolve itself and I've heard from like 4-6 months usually but it could take longer! I'm just scared because I want my hair to go back to its normal thickness and what if it doesn't! My curls are limp and lifeless no matter what I do because of quitting birth control because there physically isn't enough hair anymore to form my nice clumps I used to have :( I seriously right now would give anything in the world to have my old clumpy, thicker, curlier hair back! Did any of you experience anything like this when quitting birth control?? How long did it take to resolve or did it resolve at all??
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    i have been off and on birth control and when i first went off around may because a new pill was making my hair thin horribly! like almost bald spot territory. It took till about July before it started to fill in again. I also take multivitamins and biotin to help it along. I mean it's still a little thin but i am on a new birth control now nuva ring and i am gonna see how it goes.

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    No mine didn't fall out one bit when I got off mine. I never even knew about the thinning til just now! Your hair will grow back ;)

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