Is today a Good or Bad Hair Day for you?

BellaAmoreBellaAmore Registered Users Posts: 253
Today is a great hair day for me, and I give major credit to the raw honey & evoo oil mask from last night! Even tho its humid and rainy out, my lil afro puff is looking good. I also used a denman brush to kind of fluff it up a bit, AMAZING! (phone is down so no pics for now) :hmph:

Yesterday on the other hand was one for the hall of shame... I did a wash and go, then added this damn organics shea butter plus creme that i have complained about b4 and my hair was snow white, but i had to go so i just hoping it would just penetrate eventually but hellz to the no it just sat. So I tried to rub it in and blot it out and my hair was looking dry as ever. I've used it in the past and didn't like it but just tried for the last time glad I didnt see anyone i knew :lol:

So how about you?

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