need tips for growing out pixie cut

babygirl102992babygirl102992 New Haven KYRegistered Users Posts: 9
Ok so at first I loved me pixie cut but I want to grow it out some because I cant really do anything with it lol So I would love to know if you guys have any tips for growing out pixie cuts. :P :duckie:


  • debbahdebbah Registered Users Posts: 48
    I'm about a year and a half into a pixie cut grow out. All I can say is use lots of product and try to minimize trips to the salon. Took a bit getting used to because for the nearly 10 years I had the pixie I was getting my hair cut every 4-5 weeks.

    This is my 4th attempt at growing it out and I'm well past the point of no return for the first time in 10 years.

    With the grow out I have tried to go as LONG as possible between trips to the salon - like just when you think you can't take it any more and want to go in for a trim, see if you can last one more week, then one more. I've probably been to a trim no more than 2-3 times in the last 18 months, and that seems to be the secret.

    Good luck!
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  • babygirl102992babygirl102992 New Haven KYRegistered Users Posts: 9
    thank you so much for the advice! :) your hair looks amazing by the way.
  • want2bcurlywant2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 97
    i seem to be where u are. i have NO sides , about an inch or 2 on the top and back. i am a 3a so i do not have root curl, but this is what i have been doing the last week.i take a curl gel( strong hold) and kinda diffuse a bit of curl. i think its fake curl but looks kinda like an old lady perm, not so curly though. i then take a headband that goes around the whole head( not the ones that stop at the ears)and tie it with a cute will get me to the point of being able to grow it out with out losing my mind. now when i take it all off i look rediculous, but for now it will have to do.but it hides the sides growing out and the back. i keep telling myself, everyday it got just a little longer. after i grow about 2 inches ill see about mabie tucking behind my ears and round brushing till its longer. and i started vitamins. come thanksgiving i will see where its at but for now just hiding it with the scarves.good luck.
  • babygirl102992babygirl102992 New Haven KYRegistered Users Posts: 9
    thanks want2bcurly! I do the same thing with headbands lol but I buy the plastic ones with cute designs and stuff. I'm thinking about taking hair and nail growth vitamins. Hopefully it will be long enough by Christmas to almost be able to put it in a ponytail lol
  • want2bcurlywant2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 97
    its hard to see in your pic but how long is your hair? and when u take your headband off , do u look absoltaly stupid too? its going to be a long couple of months. i can tell in 2 weeks it has grown some. the sides are starting to brush over my ears a little.the sad thing is i just got my hair trimmed two weeks ago( to keep the pixie shaped). the next day i decided to grow it. :( i have no patience at all.
  • babygirl102992babygirl102992 New Haven KYRegistered Users Posts: 9
    I put a more recent picture on my profile lol its from a bad hair day though. Some days my hair looks okay enough to not wear a head band. I dont have any patience either somedays I just get so fed up and cut my hair but I'm not going to anymore lol And what really makes me mad about my hair in the back gets really curly and then the front does like this weird wavey thing lol so i just straighten it. It will definatly be a long couple of months :)
  • want2bcurlywant2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 97
    you sound like me with getting frustrated and then cutting. not going to do it! except the back on the bottom. i will keep trimming that because i do not want a mullet! it looks like from your pic that u have an inch or so on me. can u tuck the sides behind your ears yet?thats my holiday goal. i can get rid of these darn headbands then.ahhhhhh i just want to scream sometimes. we can do it...
  • babygirl102992babygirl102992 New Haven KYRegistered Users Posts: 9
    yea I can tuck it behind my ears a little bit lol but it looks weird :) yes we can do this! lol
  • want2bcurlywant2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 97
    i saw a pic of an actress(carrie mulligan i think is her name, i googled under images, growing out pixies)and she has been growing out her pixie. it is to the point where has her layers growing out and the sides are behind her ears. they are as long as her ears probably. to short for a bob but long enough to NOT wear the headbands.very cute while growing out.yes im obsessed with getting it behind my ears but last year thats how i was wearing it and got tons of compliments.until i had the great idea to cut it all off. but looking at pics help me set some sort of goal. short term . if i think long term i give up and cut:)
  • babygirl102992babygirl102992 New Haven KYRegistered Users Posts: 9
    sorry it has taken me so long to reply back I've been like super busy lol. I can almost get mine in to a ony tail now! The top part is just a little to short and keeps falling out lol but I'm happy with it. I think that the goal you set for it to grow to were you could put behind you ears is a really good goal!!! :)
  • want2bcurlywant2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 97
    i havent been on in a while so i just saw your glad youve made progress:) yay! i have too. my layers are growing, instead of 1 to 2 inches everywhere i have about 4 on top, sides mabie 2. the longest layer comes about halfway down my ear. and i made my holiday goal of tucking behind my ear. ill get next goal is a chin length bob by late spring.
    but i have almost no curl. a little wave. which at this point i dont care, i just want growth. good luck and keep growing!
  • princesspieprincesspie BrisbaneRegistered Users Posts: 94 Curl Neophyte
    I've done it twice and I know how hard it is!

    I used to tie my in a tiny ponytail at the back and use a lot of clips for the front. My other advice... get a hat. :D
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