Acne and dry skin

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So I've tried using bp at night and exfol serum, but my skin gets very dry and rough so I've stopped using them as a preventative method for acne. Toners help me a lot but most of them seem to dry me out (this weekend I'm gong to make my own with acv/water/white tea). It seems like most acne solutions are for people with normal or oily skin. Anybody have the same situation?


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    yep. im in my 40's with dry skin and acne. bp's and bha do not work well with my skin. way to drying. aha's work better, though still drying. regular exfoliation, chemical peels and vitamins for skin work better for me. i use retin-a at night with emu oil or squalene oil. during the day copper cream. and healthy skin vitamins.every 6 to 8 weeks a light peel. i still break out but its not as bad. but there is nothing worse than dry flakey skin with pimples. yuck.
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    try Patricia Wexler. it's available at bath and body works and it works wonders!!
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    I would highly recommend seeing a dermatologist or esthetician for a glycolic peel. Glycolic acid is excellent for people with sensitive skin and rosacea and will help to exfoliate (which will help with the acne) Don't use any aggressive products. Because you are sensitive you have to get your skin calmed down before you can treat the acne or it could end up much worse. Glytone (almost all of their products have glycolic acid) is an EXCELLENT product line and they have a good line for sensitive skin as well. And never forget your sunscreen (ESPECIALLY if you are using any products with any type of acid)

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