How do you know when your hair hates a product?

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This may be a silly question, but I always see people saying "my hair hates this and that" and I'm just trying to figure our how do you know? I've been wearing weaves, but whenever I let my hair breathe I'll put various things. I've tried curl enhancing smoothie(which leaves my hair white), pure Shea butter, cantu leave in, etc and they all leave my hair dry. I have recently bought care free curl moisturizer---which seems to leave my hair soft--for a short amount of time!!!

Any suggestions? I've always had drier hair, even with a relaxer. Please help!!! :)


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    cortttt wrote: »
    Any suggestions? I've always had drier hair, even with a relaxer. Please help!!! :)

    Try sealing w/ castor oil.
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    Sometimes you'll find that even if someone seems to have the same hair type & texture as you, certain products that worked miracles of wonder for them does absolutely nothing for you. & vice versa.

    A product your hair "hates" is generally just a product that doesn't work well with your hair. Whether its drying, coating, whatever, it doesnt doesnt work for you.

    If your hair is dry, try sealing with an oil, as the previous poster suggested. I haven't used castor oil, but I have heard good things about it. I use extra virgin olive oil after or with just about every hair routine. Miosturizes well, brings a nice healthy glow (not neccessarily "shine") to my hair.
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    No it's not a silly question. I've wondered the same thing as I've experimented with products. I usually decide my hair doesn't like a product (as well as the ingredients) if it doesn't do what it is supposed to do like condition, detangle, moisturize and/or seal in the moisture.

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    If it makes my hair sticky,dry,oily ,smelly,stringy,ashy,tangled,break, matted or actually does nothing after I have adjusted the amount and technique of applying it.

    If a product does one of the things after experimenting with it , then I don't want it
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    For me, it's when a product leaves my hair stiff, dry or greasy.
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    LadyV69 wrote: »
    For me, it's when a product leaves my hair stiff, dry or greasy.

    This is pretty much the same for me. I now know that if my hair doesn't retain moisture for a couple of days then the product is not right for me. It has taken many years and a lot of experimentation to figure out what my hair is actually supposed to feel like, and what ingredients I need to get it there. It also took a lot of breakage to realise that my hair loves protein and I wasn't getting enough of it.

    Re: moisture, there is a recent post on here about sealing that you will probably find useful. If, for e.g. you are using pure unrefined shea on your dry hair, this might be the cause of your dryness as it doesn't moisturise but seals in moisture already there. I don't find the shea curl enhancing smoothie to be moisturising on its own (for ME). I have never used cantu, but a lot of people talk of build up from using it. You might need to branch out a little more and try different things/using your current products a different way. I find the "hits and misses" posts on here really useful for suggestions of products that might be worth trying, and the "beginners" sticky post on the 4b forum.
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    I struggled with this question as well. My hair hates just about everything...oils, straight water, conditioners left pretty much only likes curl activators (i.e., incredibly glycerin heavy products). Until then I had no clue, but when I finally used S-curl for the first time, my hair turned baby soft and stayed that way for a couple of days.

    I'm still learning (as I just figured it out after 6 years messing it hair must be tough as it managed to get to slightly beyond APL despite all the abuse), but now that I know what my hair *can* feel like, I'm more discerning about products.
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