Trying to grow my hair but nothing works!!!!!

Hi every one,

I need help please ... so when I was younger I had my hair up to my shoulders as I got older it started breaking and it got shorter and shorter so now my hair is up to my cheek when wet and it won't grow any farther. I always have my hair up and I hate it my hair is between 3b and 4a. Please help!!!


  • curlylarucurlylaru Banned Posts: 143Banned Users
    Have you gotten a good trim lately? If your ends are split and breaking you'll never get to see any of the growth.
  • TwiiNTwiiN Posts: 3Registered Users
    Yea my sister always trims my hair but nothing works
  • curlylarucurlylaru Banned Posts: 143Banned Users
    You should post more info about your hair and your styling and hair care regime and I'm sure there are people here that can give you some tips on improving the health of your hair and minimizing breakage.
  • TwiiNTwiiN Posts: 3Registered Users
    My hair is very soft thin I think it's a 3b I used to use alot of hairspray and gel I cut out all the alcohol products I use gel it's that Eco gel my hair is always up I would leave it out but I hate that it's so short I'm anemic so I take iron pills I was taking folic acid pills and biotin but I stopped taking everything but my iron pills I've only taken them for a month or two
  • SusieSuzeSusieSuze Posts: 524Registered Users
    Things that effect the length of your hair:

    Your diet and health
    Medications you may be taking
    Your natural hair type
    The products you use
    How often you wash/style
    How you brush/comb-- are you rough or extremely careful?
    Blow drying
    Any other styling method that disturbs the cuticle of the hair. (backcombing, etc)
    Chemical straightening
    Any other chemical treatments.

    Pretty much everything you do to your hair will disturb the cuticle in one way or another. A little damage every day adds up to a lot over time, and eventually the damage is severe enough to cause the hair to break.

    Treat your hair like it's a piece of antique lace, don't cut it too often, and it should get longer.

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