Newbie Q RE sulfate product in hair before CG?

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Title should be SILICONE product in hair before CG!

I'm pretty new to CG, and before I went FULLY CG, I was using Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer Lotion, which I NOW discover has both Phenyl Trimethicone (which I am assuming is a silicone but haven't seen it listed as one) and a polyquat: Polyquaternium 11. Bummer too because that product really makes my curls come alive.

Anyway, I had used this in my hair before I went for my first curly hair cut at Devachan in New York last week. At Devachan they did a OC cleanse/OC condition/OC leave in, and the stylist recommended that I do the same for at least 6 weeks before going to a low-poo/no-poo (although I am loving just the co-wash so may just keep doing that).

My problem is, now that I'm on this board I'm learning about silicones, and I'm now freaking that I've been co-washing for a week and a half and never did a last sulfate shampoo to get out the Be Curly product. I am not using any silicone products any more.

My hair seems fine to me, but I am concerned that Be Curly is basically going to be in my hair from now forever more since I didn't do a sulfate wash. Should I do a sulfate wash just to be safe? I hate to kill all the beautiful moisture I'm just starting to build up in my curls.

Help please from you more experienced curlies!
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Type: 2c/3a
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Co-wash: OC
Cond/Leave-in: OC
Style: MOP Curl Defining Cream, Angel, Garnier Pure Clean Gel
SOTC: MOP Glisten pomade, Aveda Humectant Pomade

Looking for: good curl definition, clumping and no frizz


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    Welcome to our community!

    I moved your post over here to the shampoo-free forum; you'll get more help here! :)

    I think you'll be ok! The cones will come out.

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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