My hair is loving no poo :)

Alternating between Wen Almond Cleansing Conditoner and Ebene Naturals Hydrating Cleansing Cream. My 4A is feeling like a 3C these days.
Looooooooooving it! And I wash 3 times a week.
I could nver do that with a regular shampoo.
Never going back to shampoo again. Well, maybe once a month to clarify, I'll use the grapefruit shampoo from Burt's Bees that is under my sink.

Anyone else noticing their hair texture improving with this method? If so, which no-poo are you using? A girl can never have too many options ;)


  • jessicaleonorajessicaleonora Registered Users Posts: 19
    I am also loving No Poo! My hair has always hated shampoos and would get incredibly tangled whenever I washed my hair.

    I use Deva No Poo, which is really great. It is sort of weird though because it is almost like my hair like No poo more than conditioner. I have not gotten good results with just co-washing, my hair really likes the combo of No poo and conditioner every 2-3 days (I know a lot of curlies say not to wash that much but my hair gets really tangled when I don't wash that much).
    Recovering from a lifetime of blow drying and straightening my hair- 2b with a some kinky 3 in the back

    Hair properties- medium course texture, medium elasticity and medium-high porosity

    Wash- Deva No Poo, GTTT

    Condition- Aubry Organics HSR, GPB,

    LI- Dr. Bronner's Magic Organic Hair Cream, Deva One

    DT- CJCR, Egg, Honey and EVOO

    Stylers- JCRR, KCCC
  • Ruthie11Ruthie11 Registered Users Posts: 77 Curl Neophyte
    If you're doing CG method, did you know Wen is full of cones?
    Cowash-Tresseme Naturals
    Hair Type-3c-4a
    Leave in-Tresseme Naturals
    Gel-LA Sports Gel
    Cashmere Curls for shine

  • Natural411Natural411 Registered Users Posts: 19
    You are correct.
    That's why I have recently tried Ebene Naturals hair cleanser which works as well as Wen. Althought Wen is amazing, it does have stuff that I don't want.

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