Why are gels drying out my hair? i dont get it?!

so first i am not CG
i have 3b hair
the only gels i ever use is LA Looks sports gel and herbal essences set me up.
usually i use la looks it gets much more dry.
i put in a good amount, like a half dollar size because my hair is extremely volumized and i need to fix that.
but what i do is smooth it on and scrunch a lot
then i scrunch out the crunch gently when it is like 80% dry bc i hate being in school with crunchy hair
then it is nice and soft and i cant help but touch my hair a lot all day.
by the afternoon is feels sooo dry! mostly the ends! idk why though! but everytime, this happens. and my gels have no cones or anything drying in it.
could it be because i SOTC too early? but i dont know any other option bc my hair always gets crunchy
or is it bc i touch my hair too much? i find the more i touch my hair, the drier it feels. do you think that is why?
btw i have been using garnier fructis leave in for like 3 years and still use it everyday. maybe the problem is i need a more moisturizing leave in?
my hair never feels dry with just leave in conditioner
idk if its the protein in the la looks one bc when i put the gel in or any condish w/ protein in it my hair doesnt feel strawlike at all. but it just feels dry only when i use the gel w/ protein, once my hair dries.
also is there a moisturizing drugstore gel i could use? maybe that would help?