Straighnening without an iron?

yosimba123yosimba123 Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi I'm new to this forum and to hair styling stuff in general really haha. I'm a guy with really curly red hair and to be honest it gets on my nerves. Its unruly, hard to manage, painful to brush in anyway, and I just want to straighten it. I like my hair long and I'm kinda going for the whole heavy metal thing.

Anyway I have been using a straightening iron for almost a year now and I noticed that its damaging my hair. Its drier and thinner at some parts. I want to stop using the iron and I was wondering if I can still get that straight hair with some technique or a product that I can just apply and blow dry out.

If you know of any hair straightening products for really curly hair that I can apply and get straight, unheated hair please let me know.