Which is best for curl loosening: salon or DIY?

I'd like to loosen my curls up (from 4a to maybe 3b). Would it be best for me to go to a salon that uses a regular (not express) keratin treatment or would I get the same results doing it at home? If I would get the same results at home and had to do more than one application, would it be better to use something like QOD or would the Organix work just as well?

Keratin treatments just confuse me because there is so much info out there, but a lot of it is contradictory.


  • UhhhlaynaUhhhlayna Registered Users Posts: 5
    Ive decided to go with either QOD or Marcia Teixiera. But I can't find any info on the differences between QOD Max, Max White, and Gold other than how long before you shampoo.
  • AphroDivaAphroDiva Registered Users Posts: 183
    I use QOD Max and I love it! My hair went from a dry frizzy mop head,to soft shiny waves when I let it are dry. Then I can wear it pin straight if I blow dry it or flat iron. I do my treatments at home.
  • BruchildaBruchilda Registered Users Posts: 126
    Aphrodiva, QOD changed its formula to Organiq.AS QOD and keratin4u claims, this is not as effective as the original Qod keratins.
    Have you tried it yet, or you're still doing your treatments with the old Qod Max?
    I am reeally curious about the results of organiq

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