Anyone have KCCC??

adolehadoleh Posts: 9Registered Users
I'm DYINGGGGG to try it! But I can't pay $30 for a full tub if I've never tried it. Who knows how my hair will react to it! Anyone selling??


  • Valeriia.SuaValeriia.Sua Posts: 198Registered Users
    Its on sale at whole foods. If you dont like it return it.
  • moosegrl_86moosegrl_86 Posts: 403Registered Users
    They sell 8oz jars for about half that price on amazon, it's $17 with shipping. It used to be $15, though.
    Whoop whoop! :hello1:
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  • KurlyKeshaKurlyKesha Posts: 120Registered Users
    I have it. Used it once & didn't like how it turned out (made my hair crunchy) plus didn't care for the smell. Paid $18.99 + tax but willing to negotiate